• Check out Santa Clara University’s new on-campus space for experimenting with virtual and augmented reality.

    Santa Clara University’s Imaginarium (#SCUImaginarium) serves as a laboratory for exploring virtual reality and augmented reality technology and practices. Located in the new Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building (DOWD 108), the Imaginarium is a flexible work space that can be used for production, computer-based media asset creation and exhibition utilizing multiple high definition projectors.

    The Imaginarium is equipped with a variety of VR hardware and software. Students, faculty and staff can explore headset technologies from Oculus and HTC, 360° cameras and Microsoft’s HoloLens. Several powerful computer workstations and laptops are available for VR/AR creation utilizing software such as Maya, Unity, UnReal and the Adobe Creative Suite.

    Our 2017-18 activities in the Imaginarium include our VR/AR “boot camp” courses (ARTS 197A, ARTS 197B and ARTS 197C). 

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Stop by during our open hours to explore the space, meet the staff, and view a VR demo reel! Can’t make our visitor hours? Email to set up an appointment.

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