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Team Leads
Social Media Team

A team of student researchers aiming to understand the landscape of online platforms, user behaviors and well-being, and digital communication patterns by analyzing platform governance, algorithm bias, and emerging trends in social media.

Social Media Team Members
Social Media Projects

The Social Media Team inspects the social user behaviors in various online capacities.

The “Casual Instagram” project focuses on Instagram at the intersection of authenticity, well-being, and feminism by studying the posting behaviors of young female users on the platform. “Casual Instagram” represents a departure from the more curated and carefully constructed approach that has often been associated with the platform, and it describes a style of posting that prioritizes a carefree, spontaneous, and unfiltered approach to sharing content on social media.

Non-Verbal Behaviors & Digital Communication is focused on analyzing the mediating roles of social media usage and well-being among college students, specifically investigating how FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) and information overload play a role in social anxiety and ghosting behaviors on digital communication platforms. Furthermore, the project introduces new conceptualizations of “ghosting,” or non-verbal behaviors in digital response time that align with contemporary behaviors of how individuals communicate via online communication platforms.