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Team Leads
Greenhouse GameDev Team

A team driven to foster the creativity and skillset of students motivated to create projects that leave an impression on others and understand the elements that make games compelling.

Greenhouse Team Members
The Greenhouse Gamedev team currently operates with two sub-teams focused on a different project: the Heartwood team and Sinigang team.
Heartwood Team Members
Sinigang Team Members
Greenhouse Gamedev Projects

Descriptions of a few different projects produced by the Greenhouse Gamedev team

Polaris is a 2D platforming game centered around ocean sustainability as the main character, Riley, traverses through a modern day, polluted ocean environment. Control Riley as they “glide” through the water, navigating the polluted world under the ocean’s surface, clearing the water of waste, and learning more about the ocean throughout the journey.

Check out the demo here!

Heartwood is a first person PC game that immerses players in a Pacific NW Forest. Witness the gradual factors of environmental change through walking through a forest and catching glimpses of the past that was once there.

Sinigang is a VR cooking simulation that focuses on highlighting cultural representation, food insecurity, and nostalgia. Play as a first generation Filipino college student, reminiscing on and trying to recreate the cuisine from their childhood.