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The SCU Social Project team setting up for a shoot

The SCU Social Project team setting up for a shoot

The SCU Social Project - A Senior Series

Shining light on soon-to-graduate SCU students

Graduating seniors from the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering reflect on their college experiences and accomplishments.

The Social Project team came together to film the first senior series with five accomplished seniors from the Imaginarium at Santa Clara University. These seniors –  each one an expert in their respective field – shared their inspiring journeys at the university. During the interviews, they discussed a wide range of topics, covering their diverse projects, future goals, and personal development.

First batch of graduating seniors for the Social Project Senior Series

Within the conversations about their recent work, the seniors detailed their most cherished project and the roles they played in its success, spanning from summer internships to AI-related work to game design. As busy seniors, they provided insights into their strategies for managing their time effectively while juggling multiple commitments. They also emphasized the meaningful connections they formed during their time at SCU and expressed their gratitude for the supportive network. 

The success of the shoot boiled down to weeks of meticulous planning and a slew of pre-interviews conducted by our dedicated team members. Each team member took on  a variety of tasks, including scheduling, set design, building the questions, and more all to ensure the podcast would turn out the best it could be. 

Kyle Kinard, the sound engineer, shares his experience, saying, "I don’t think any of us expected things to go the way they did. We made a lot of mistakes on our way here, and we are all trying new things. Some people never having done a recorded interview, and others never being a part of a production like this." 

The SCU Social Project team setting up for a shoot

“It was truly an incredible experience”, Jerry Wang, the team leader, reflects. “It was our first time working together, and everyone is giving their best to ensure that every detail is in place.” The successful shoot was a collaborative effort. It was a combined dedication and hard work from all team members, along with the contributions of the volunteers.

Adding a touch of humor, team members Ivy Wu and Ava Thomas liken the podcast members to the Power Rangers, all dressed up in bright, solid colors. The shoot not only provided an enjoyable and fulfilling time but also served as a valuable learning experience for the entire team. With the success of the first shoot, anticipation and excitement are high for the upcoming episodes, promising more engaging conversations and connections.


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