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De Novo Fellowship

The De Novo Fellowship aims to broaden representation of students in STEM by funding their work with faculty mentors on exciting research projects.

A collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, the De Novo program awards research fellowships to outstanding students from underrepresented groups. Fellowships provide a $5,000 stipend for up to 10 weeks of full-time research, plus up to $750 for conference expenses to present their research during the following academic year.


Meet the 2021 College Fellows

Avery Curet
Avery Curet '22
Maladaptive Effects of Alcohol on Cross-Modal Reward Circuitry

Faculty Mentor: Lindsay Halladay

Janet Ronquillo
Janet Ronquillo '23
Neural and Behavioral Deficits Induced by Early Life Stress

Faculty Mentor: Lindsay Halladay

Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen '24
Neuroscience, Music
Neural Mechanisms Underlying Maternal Care in Response to Offspring Distress Vocalizations

Faculty Mentor: Lindsay Halladay

Se Kim
Se Kim '22
Improved Readability and Sensitivity of Latex Agglutination Tests for Infectious Diseases in the Developing World

Faculty Mentor: Brian McNelis

Trung-Dan Bui-Tu
Trung-Dan (Danny) Bui-Tu '22
Effects of Early Maternal Separation on Lifelong Neural and Social Behaviors

Faculty Mentor: Lindsay Halladay