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De Novo Fellowship

The De Novo Fellowship aims to broaden representation of students in STEM by funding their work with faculty mentors on exciting research projects.

A collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, the De Novo program awards research fellowships to outstanding students from underrepresented groups. CAS De Novo Fellowships provide a $6,000 stipend for up to 10 weeks of full-time research, plus up to $1,000 for conference expenses to present their research during the following academic year.

Applications are due on February 22, 2023.


Meet the 2022 College Fellows

Javier Garcia de Castro Iribas

Javier Garcia de Castro Iribas '23

project title

Faculty Mentor: Chris Weber

Jwwad Javed

Jwaad Javed '24

project title

Faculty Mentor: Amelia Fuller

Kerri Lyons

Kerri Lyons '23

Neuroscience, Biology
Investigating Neural Mechanisms of Aversive Learning

Faculty Mentor: Lindsay Halladay

Kiron Allen

Kiron Allen '24

Chemistry, Philosophy
project title

Faculty Mentor: Paul Abbyad

Mary Francis Garcia

Mary Francis Garcia '23

Neuroscience, Biotechnology
Importance of neuroligin adhesion proteins in relation to OPC development

Faculty Mentor: Laura Cocas