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De Novo Fellowship

The De Novo Fellowship aims to broaden representation of students in STEM by funding their work with faculty mentors on exciting research projects.

A collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, the De Novo program awards research fellowships to outstanding students from underrepresented groups. Fellowships provide a $5,000 stipend for up to 10 weeks of full-time research, plus up to $750 for conference expenses to present their research during the following academic year.


Meet the 2019 College Fellows

Julia Dayton
Julia Dayton '22
Tracking the Absorption of Phthalates Into Synthetic Fish Cell Membranes Using Second Harmonic Generation

Faculty Mentor: Grace Stokes

Christine Hancock
Christine Hancock '20
Electrostatic interactions and membrane fluidity in binding of drugs

Faculty Mentor: Linda Brunauer

René Harper
(Joslyn) René Harper '20
Arthropod Silks

Faculty Mentor: Janice Edgerly-Rooks

Hannah Henderson
Hannah Henderson '20
Extended amygdala activity + Electrophysiology data

Faculty Mentor: Lindsay Halladay

Karen Kikuta
Karen Kikuta '20
Neuroscience/Public Health Science + Biology
Pyramidal neuron axon guidance

Faculty Mentor: Laura Cocas

Dylan Lawton
Dylan Lawton '20
Antimicrobial Medications

Faculty Mentor: Amelia Fuller

SCU Seal
Vanessa Orozco '20
Biology/Musical Theatre
Food insecurity during development

Faculty Mentor: Katherine Saxton

Madison Rodriguez
Madison Rodriguez '21
Public Health Science/Bioengineering
Multi-racial identities and substance use

Faculty Mentor: Jamie Chang

Noel Del Toro
Noel Del Toro '21
Maternal Brain Response to Offspring Distress

Faculty Mentor: Lindsay Halladay

Mireille Martinez
Mireille Martinez '21
Neuroscience + Psychology/Spanish
Does the healthy vaginal microbiome also contain possible UTI-causing bacteria?

Faculty Mentor: Craig Stephens