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Student Stories

Delilah Garza ’23 and Assistant Professor Alice Villatoro examine the stigmatization of mental health in Spanish-speaking communities.

As the Editor-in-Chief of The Santa Clara, Carolyn Kuimelis ’22 played a pivotal role in establishing an online presence for the paper during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A group shot of all the participants of the A Seat at the Table reading

Vicky Pham ’23 reflects on her experience writing A Seat at the Table and working with BD Wong to produce the play on campus

Group shot of students in front of projector that says welcome to the second annual opioid overdose education event

Public Health capstone students under Professor Jamie Chang fight the rising issue of fentanyl laced pills through harm reduction education in the SCU community.

The award will support his research investigating peptoid-membrane interactions under Professor Grace Stokes

A Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship fellowship gave Hannah Miller ’22 a unique opportunity to help share the stories of Baltimore-based social entrepreneurs determined to make lasting change in their communities.

With funding from the REAL program, Kelsey Elinski ‘22 worked to bring art from the de Saisset Museum into residence halls on campus.

Triple major, honor student, researcher, and leader believes that the best way to create social change is through education.

Rob Cady and Michael Nguyen

Two Santa Clara University students have won Goldwater Scholarships, awarded to outstanding undergraduate students majoring in the natural sciences, engineering, or mathematics who intend to pursue research careers in these fields.

A dozen students and alumni have been selected as semifinalists for the prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student program this year with two being named finalists and more to come.

San Jose native Lucy Nino ’22 worked with an Oscar-winning team of producers during an internship with Story Force Entertainment.

With funding from the REAL program, transfer student Alexis Takagi '22 worked on a research project designed to understand and give voice to community college students' experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charlotte Parque headshot

Charlotte Parque '22 gathers research experience in and out of the classroom

Adam Graham headshot

With funding from the REAL program, junior Adam Graham assisted in designing the DOxy device, inspired by his interest in computer science and his love of cars.

With funding from the REAL program, Sofia Russell ’22 completed an internship at the LA Public Defender’s Office, following her childhood passion for law and solidifying her plans for the future.

Eemon Ghasemiyeh

With the support of the REAL program, Eemon Ghasemiyeh ’22 advocated for awareness of factory farming and studied its intersectionality with environmental and social justice.

Public Health major Claire Alford is working to expand Native American student organizations on campus

SCU’s Sociology Department supports their majors through an internship program focused on career exploration, research opportunities, and post-graduate success.

Tegan Smith and Brandon Schultz

SCU’s Historical Perspectives serves as a way for History students to publish their research done in the classroom, providing an avenue to reach the larger community.

SCU’s virtual reality lab, which has influenced many students’ future career paths, is expanding its presence on campus.

Natalie Rover on one tip of triangle with Christian Jimenez and Riley Scherr on other two

Three Santa Clara University seniors were awarded the DeNardo Senior Prize for outstanding achievements in their scientific research.

Senior Lauren Cherrey seeks out connections between her Public Health and Economics majors and has used them to drive her work abroad and on campus.

Four College of Arts and Sciences students have earned prestigious scholarships to study or teach in Armenia, India, Germany, and Taiwan.

Beckman Scholars - Ella Basler and Erica Svendahl

Sophomores Ella Basler and Erica Svendahl will have the opportunity to conduct intricate and influential research on critical scientific topics as Santa Clara University’s two Beckman Scholars this year.

Anjali Rangaswami ’21 noticed some gaps in research on sexual harassment in higher education. So she won a Fulbright to do it herself.

By combining studies in Mathematics and Music, Michael Noonan ’21 found the unique intersections that have allowed him to thrive.

Psychology and Philosophy major Aidan Gallegos ’21 researched bilingual cognition in an internship funded by the REAL program.

After calling for a do-over on her first college decision, transfer student Caroline McInerney ’21 says Santa Clara let her embrace all of her interests.

Funded by the REAL program, Child Studies and Psychology major Kat Kuwada ’21 learned how to engage students and lead in the classroom while teaching math to kids online.

Junior political science and Spanish double major is a longtime advocate on behalf of the disability community, service workers, and others.