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JonJon Berring at bat

JonJon Berring at bat

JonJon Berring ‘24 is doing it all

JonJon Berring

As a Senior Psychology Major and key player on the SCU baseball team, JonJon Berring ‘24 is busy on the field and off. In addition to playing his heart out– batting nearly 100 points higher last season than previous seasons– Jon runs an apparel company, takes time to appreciate fast cars, and has big plans for the future.

Despite taking a full load of classes and managing a busy schedule as a student athlete, Jon set his sights on starting a clothing company. His company is called Fanero, derived from the Greek word Phaneros, which means to “make visible or manifest”. Fanero’s line includes shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. Jon’s ultimate goal is to use Fanero as a platform for empowerment with the goal of inspiring and empowering the community.

If playing baseball, attending school, and running a business isn’t enough, Jon uses any leftover time to learn about cars. Ever since the first time he saw a black McLaren P1 speed past him on the freeway, he’s been hooked. When he gets the chance, he’ll engage with the car community at local events like Cars & Coffee, or at the closest race track, Laguna Seca.

Jon plans to play baseball professionally after graduating from SCU. Following his professional baseball career he hopes to transition into the tech industry or real estate. And he’s sure his Psychology degree from SCU will make this transition seamless.

Jon says, “The most compelling part of my psychology degree is grounded by the fundamental aspect of improving the human experience.” Jon wants to make sure that whatever he does in the future, whether it’s in the tech industry or real estate market, that he uses his knowledge of the brain and behavior to improve the human experience. His favorite class, Ethics in Psychology with Dr. Plante, “emphasized the importance of doing things the right way and doing what you can to help others advance in their life.” Thus, Jon is “devoted to using his knowledge to impact the human experience of others, utilizing the powerful insights gained to make a meaningful difference in people's lives.”


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