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College of Arts and Sciences, The Heart of Santa Clara University

The College Newsletter is our publication for alumni, donors, and parents of current students.

Edition Highlights
December 2023 JEDI Implementation Plan, New Phase of the Frank Sinatra Chair in the Performing Arts, Grand Reunion, REAL Feature Story, Isabella Gomez '27, Rick Scott Memorial Scholars, Alumni - Jason Buenrostro '09, Meghana Reddy '22, Alicia McNamara '21, Nicolás Lell Benavides '10, Featured Faculty - Miah Jeffra, Sakina Hughes, Meg Eppel Gudgeirsson
June 2023 Explored videos, Celebrating our Seniors, Student Experience - Ana Martinez '23 and Emily Pachoud '23, Emma Rutter '23, Alumni Success - Phi Alpha Beta, Isaac Raven '15, Sonya '15 and Kalina Venugopal '17, Maddi Manelski '21, Faculty Research - Kathryn Bruchmann, Chan Thai, Kimberly Dill
December 2022 New College of Arts and Sciences Vision and Goals, Grand Reunion, Mark Duplass, Reza Aslan '95, Student Experience - Emma Chappell '24, Bryce Nishikawa '24, Alumni Success Stories - Dan Selmi '72, Carolyn Kuimelis '22, Thomas Hayashi '20, Sofia Kahler-Quesada '20, Faculty News - Danielle Morgan (English), Pascale Guiton (Biology)
June 2022 Celebrating the Class of 2022, Fulbright Awards, Vicky Pham '23, Elliott Anderson "22, Alumni Success Stories - Madison Givens '18, Roman JohnDoza '14, Veronica Rodriguez '13, Blair Huxman '21, Faculty Recognition - Paul Schutz, Michelle Bezanson/Janice Edgarly-Rooks
December 2021 What's happening on campus - Claire Alford, Historical Perspectives, VR Lab, BD Wong Fall Residency, Alumni Success Stories - Mke Miller Eismeirer '14, Jack Benjamin '18, Kyra Sjarif '14, GLoria Sevilla '20, Grand Reunion, Faculty Recognition - Grace Stokes, Lindasay Halladay 
June 2021 Class of 2021, Student Experiences - Abigail Alvarez, Ella Basler, Erica Svendahl, Michael Noonan, Lauren Cherry; Alumni Success Stories - Jasmyn Burdsall '20, Zoe Amaris '17, Faculty Impact - Sonja Mackenzie, Sharmila Lodhia, Chris Bacon
December 2020 Virtual Arts - To Hear and Be Heard, SCU Chamber Singers: Live from Everywhere; Faculty and Student Research; Faculty - Amy Leuck, Justin Boren; Alumni Contributions - Terrance Horan '06, MaryAnn Dakkak '04, Todd Rahmi '90, Ted Mukuls '90, Traci Thomas '07, Sonia Suri '13