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Environmental Justice Initiative



 Providing training, resources, and networking to foster community-driven research for social and environmental justice.



  • At SCU

    We promote environmental justice research through faculty development, funding, and networking to support research and teaching partnerships with community-based organizations that respond directly to community needs and priorities.

  • In California

    We are building a network to support innovative research and teaching collaborations for environmental justice through partnerships among academic institutions and community-based organizations.

  • Across Jesuit Higher Education

    We foster environmental justice research collaborations among faculty, staff, students, and Catholic social ministry in the U.S. and around the world.

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A Food Justice Response to Covid-19

Santa Clara University Professor Christopher Bacon, students, and Fresh Approach are starting a participatory assessment of how Bay Area farms and justice organizations collaborate to confront Covid-19.

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Improving Access to a Modesto Park

Santa Clara University Professor Iris Stewart-Frey and SCU student researchers are collaborating with the Tuolumne River Trust (Modesto Office) and Catholic Charities Stockton to plan and implement an extension of the Tuolumne River Regional Park in California’s Central Valley, using a participatory process that includes the surrounding communities.

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Strengthening Environmental Justice Law

Tseming Yang, of Santa Clara University’s School of Law, is writing the next chapters in environmental justice scholarship and law.

Standing Up for Racial & Environmental Justice Now
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Featured Student Researcher

Claire Smoker

Claire helped to assess water resources and food security in Nicaragua.

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