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Water and Climate Justice

Water and Climate Justice Program
Water and Climate Justice

We conduct research with community and academic partners to improve access to safe water in California’s Central Valley and Central America, where water resources are threatened by contamination and climate-induced drought. We collaborate with communities to calculate the extent and nature of climate disruption, and to plan and create sustainable water systems and green spaces. We also support local partners to build climate resilience by developing mitigation and adaptation plans and projects that ensure communities will remain liveable as the climate warms.

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Water and Climate Publications 

  • Projects

  • Improving Access to Green Spaces in Modesto, CA

    Researchers and community partners engaged the city and residents of Modesto in planning and implementing greater access to green spaces in underserved neighborhoods. One such project is an extension of the Tuolumne River Regional Park at Carpenter Road, a former waste site that has now been cleaned up. Once completed, the park will  provide a host of benefits for human and ecosystem health. 

    SCU Participants: Iris Stewart-Frey and multiple student co-authors

    Partners: Tuolumne River Trust

    Funder: CalEPA

    For more information: