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Food and Climate Justice

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Food and Climate Justice

We collaborate with community partners in the greater San Jose, CA area and Central America on research that empowers farmers to develop food justice responses to hunger and economic insecurity, and to build resilience to climate change and other hazards. We work with farmer cooperatives, universities, and nonprofits to design, diversify, and evaluate their agricultural and food security programs. We use agroecology and participatory approaches for improving health and environmental outcomes.

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  • Projects

  • A Food Justice Response to Covid-19 in California

    Faculty, students, farms and food aid organizations in the Bay Area are collaborating to draw lessons from the pandemic about how to improve emergency food assistance and create a more just food system. 

    SCU Participants: Chris Bacon and multiple student co-authors

    Partners: Fresh Approach, Pie Ranch

    Funders: The Lawrence Foundation, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

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  • Food and Water Security in Nicaraguan Farming Communities

    An interdisciplinary team of SCU faculty and students has engaged in a multi-year collaboration with Nicaraguan community organizations to improve food and water security for farming communities hit hard by climate-induced drought, and other environmental and economic challenges.

    SCU Participants: Chris Bacon, William Sundstrom, Iris Stewart-Frey, Edwin Maurer, Maria Eugenia Flores Gomez, and multiple student co-authors

    Partner: CII ASDENIC 

    Funders: National Science Foundation Geography and Spatial Sciences (Grant Number BCS 1539795), Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

    For more information: