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Law and Advocacy Program

Law and Advocacy Program
Law and Advocacy Program

With our community and government partners, we provide support for advocacy, policy development, public education, and community-based research to improve access to clean air, land, and water in low-income communities and communities of color. We are developing an EJ Advocacy Lab, which will reimagine the traditional legal clinic by bringing together graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff to create law and policy solutions to environmental justice issues in Northern California and beyond.

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  • Projects

  • Reforming U.S. EPA’s Civil Rights Program

    This project is developing a reform proposal for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Title 6 Program, which is charged with combatting discrimination by entities that receive federal funding, and which could be used more effectively to address discriminatory siting of hazardous waste facilities and industrial air and water pollution permits.

    SCU Participants: Tseming Yang and multiple student researchers

    Partners: Law students at University of Vermont and Yale School of Law

    Funders: Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, Santa Clara University

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  • Advocating for Environmental Justice in the East Bay

    We provide support for community advocacy to protect residents of South Vallejo and Rodeo from environmental hazards such as brownfields, polluted water, oil refineries and other heavy industries in close proximity to schools, homes, and health centers, as well as to promote safe and healthy communities through increased access to fresh food, affordable housing, and other community investments.

    SCU Participants: Zsea Bowmani and multiple student researchers

    Partners: All Positives Possible

    Funder: Santa Clara University

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