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    This is a sample of featured speakers, subject to change, in the order of their panels.

  • Headshot of Teresa Rojo Tsosie
    Teresa Rojo Tsosie

    St. Jude Parish and Navajo Nation, Catholic Climate Covenant and Laudato Si' Movement

  • headshot of Kamillah Ealom
    Kamillah Ealom

    Bayview Hunters Point Community Organizer/Program Coordinator, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

  • headshot of Gustavo Aguirre
    Gustavo Aguirre

    Director of Organizing, Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment

  • headshot of Roberto Gil
    Roberto Gil

    Director of Self-Sufficiency Programs, Sacred Heart Community Service

  • headshot of Raul Diaz
    Raul Diaz

    Director of the Association for Social Development of Nicaragua (ASDENIC)

  • Headshot of rod reed
    Ron Reed

    Cultural Biologist, Dipnet Fisherman, and Tribal Member, Karuk Tribe of California

  • headshot of Marisol Aguilar
    Marisol Aguilar

    Staff Attorney, California Rural Legal Assistance - Modesto Office

  • headshot of Maywa Montenegro
    Maywa Montenegro

    Assistant Professor, UC-Santa Cruz Department of Environmental Studies

  • headshot of Dr. Lucy Diekmann
    Dr. Lucy Diekmann

    Urban Agriculture/Food Systems Advisor, Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

  • headshot of Ted Smith
    Ted Smith

    Coordinator, International Campaign for Responsible Technology

  • headshot of Pedro Walpole, S.J.
    Pedro Walpole SJ

    Director, Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center; Director for Research of the Environmental Science for Social Change; and Coordinator, Ecojesuit

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    Nancy Tuchman

    Founding Dean, School of Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago

  • headshot of Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson

    North America Senior Program Manager, Laudato Si' Movement

  • headshot of Veronica Eady
    Veronica Eady

    Senior Deputy Executive Officer of Policy & Equity, Bay Area Air Quality Management District; Adjunct Professor of Law, University of California Berkeley School of Law.