Department ofPolitical Science

Academic Programs


Leads to the bachelor of science in Political Science.


An undergraduate majoring in another field may achieve a Minor in Political Science by completing seven (7) Political Science courses* with an aferage grade of "C".

Lower Division:  Three courses (POLI 1, 2 or 3, 25, 30, 40**, 45, 50, 55, 99)

Upper Division:  Any three 5-unit Political Science courses

Upper or Lower Division: A seventh course (either upper or lower division, must be at least a 4-unit Political Science course)

*Prerequisite lower division courses are required for upper division courses in each particular area of Political Science. The four areas and the prerequisite course(s) for each area are:

a. American Politics: POLI 1
b. Comparative Politics: POLI 2 or 3
c. International Relations: POLI 25
d. Political Philosophy: POLI 30 

**Econ 1 or 2 cannot be substituted for POLI 40


  • Pre-Law
  • Public Sector Studies
  • International Relations