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Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Santa Clara University's Core Curriculum provides a humanistic education that leads toward an informed, ethical engagement with the world.

Because a liberal education in the Jesuit tradition is oriented toward particular ends, the Core Curriculum affirms a set of central learning goals. These goals are divided among three broad categories—Knowledge, Habits of Mind and Heart, and Engagement with the World.

The Structure of the Core Curriculum

The Core consists of three phases of academic work: Foundations, Explorations, and Integrations. The first two phases are designed to deepen knowledge, habits of mind and heart, and experiences engaging with the world. The third phase, Integrations, is designed to help students reflect more deeply on connections among courses in the Core, and between the Core and their major. The table below provides a visual representation of this structure and the corresponding course requirements within each phase.

Within the three phases of the Core Curriculum are eighteen narrower, subcategories. Each subcategory has its own overarching goals and specific learning objectives.

For more detail and information, students and faculty can review the current Core Curriculum Guide