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The 2023 Faculty Awards Celebration

It was wonderful to be together in the Mayer Theatre for the 2023 Faculty Awards Celebration. 

We can't wait to celebrate again with you next year!

Stream the recording here.

professors with president and provosts

Announced this past Spring, please congratulate faculty who have been appointed as newly endowed professors or achieved rank and tenure promotions for their contributions to teaching, service, and scholarly research or creative work.

  • Jeffrey Bracco, Theatre & Dance
  • Laura Callahan, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Ryan Carrington, Art & Art History
  • Dawn Hart, Biology
  • Jacquelyn Hendricks, English
  • Natalie Linnell, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Pauline Locsin-Kanter, Theatre & Dance
  • Sandy Piderit, Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Devin Kinyon, Law
  • Laura Lee Norris, Law
  • Margareta Ackerman, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Jamie Chang, Public Health Science
  • Christopher Hadley, S.J., Jesuit School of Theology
  • Lindsay Halladay, Psychology
  • Michael Hartglass, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Maryam Khanbaghi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sara Krehbiel, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Samuel Lee, Finance
  • Kirstyn Leuner, English
  • Bachana Lomsadze, Physics
  • Karen Peterson-Iyer, Religious Studies
  • Kirsten Read, Psychology
  • Katherine Sun, Education
  • John Birmingham, Physics
  • Rohit Chopra, Communication
  • Linda Garber, Women’s & Gender Studies
  • Christian Helmers, Economics
  • Brian Love, Law
  • Haibing Lu, Information Systems & Analytics
  • Lee Panich, Anthropology
  • Guy Ramon, Physics
  • Jennifer Woolley, Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Yuling Yan, Bioengineering
    Phil and Bobbie Sanfilippo Professor

Congratulations to faculty who are celebrating a major anniversary from 25th to 50th!

  • Aldo Billingslea, Theater and Dance
  • Silvia Figueira, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Susan Parker, Accounting
  • Glenn Appleby, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Robert Hendershott, Finance
  • Patricia Simone, Psychology
  • Aleksandar Zecevic, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Gregory Baker, Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Robert Bekes, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Linda Brunauer, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Janice Edgerly Rooks, Biology
  • Linda Kamas, Economics
  • Terri Peretti, Political Science
  • David Popalisky, Theatre & Dance
  • Timothy Lukes, Political Science
  • Cary Yang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Philip Boo Riley, Religious Studies
  • Harold Shefrin, Finance
  • Philip Jimenez, Law