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Faculty Funding Opportunities

 Faculty Funding Opportunities


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CAS faculty seeking travel funds for their own use or for use by undergraduate students are welcome to apply through the Dean's Office using the Dean's Application Form.

Per the Dean's Office, "The current maximum amounts available are $1500 for tenure stream faculty, $1000 for senior lecturers, $500 for lecturers and $250 for academic year adjunct lecturers. Grant requests are evaluated in the last week of each month and require the recommendations from the department chair. If a chair is requesting a grant, the AD will make the recommendation. All request are subject to availability of funds." 

For Undergraduate Travel, "If sufficient resources are available, the dean also provides travel support of up to $750 for students presenting at national and international academic conferences or meetings. Students must either co-present with campus faculty mentor/sponsor, or be nominated by SCU faculty, or be the successful choice after a competitive academic process. Requests are made directly to the senior assistant dean and the amount awarded depends on the availability of resources."

(Excerpts from Chapter 8 of the College Protocols & Procedures)



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*applications may close early if available funding is exhausted prior to May 31, 2024

Published faculty are also encouraged to work with the University Library on a Scholar Commons page. This website makes your published articles more accessible by utilizing Green Open Access policies. Participation is free for faculty. Contact Ray Scroggin at for more details.

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Other Internal Funding

Find more information on other internal opportunities for faculty funding below

CAS faculty seeking travel funds for their own use or for use by undergraduate students are welcome to apply through the Dean's Office using the Dean's Application Form.

Moran Family Trust Grants support the integration of ethics and social justice into the curriculum for tenured and tenure track faculty and senior lecturers in the College of Arts & Sciences. Contact: Marie Brancati, College of Arts & Sciences.
Application deadline: January
Amount: up to $1,500

School of Business Leavey Grants support creative scholarship and teaching innovation of full-time tenure-track faculty. Contact: Dean's office, Leavey School of Business.
Application deadline: May

School of Engineering Internal Grants support direct costs of a research project, including student support, for full time faculty. Contact: Dean's office, School of Engineering.
Application deadline: June

Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education:

Bannan Forum Mission Integration Grants

The Ignatian Center's Bannan Forum will award up to six grants (up to $5,000 each) to faculty and staff to support deeper integration of the mission and tradition of Santa Clara University into their teaching, research, or programs. 

Bannan Forum Dialog and Design Grants

The Ignatian Center's Bannan Forum will award up to six grants (from $2000-$5000) to support the development and/or early stages of collaborative projects. Dialog and Design grants are intended as “seed” funding.

Application Deadlines: December 2022
Amount: $2,000 - $5,000
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics:

Faculty and Staff Grants

Faculty (of all ranks) and staff at Santa Clara University are invited to apply for grants to support research in applied ethics funded by an endowment from Michael and Joan Hackworth to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

Grants will be made to support research which results in the publication of an article, part of a book, or specific piece of teaching material such as a case, or which results in a new module or course in applied ethics. Projects must have substantial ethical content. Applications are encouraged from scholars in all fields.

Grants may not exceed $5000.

Fall Quarter applications will be due in early December; Spring Quarter applications will be due in late May. 

Visit this webpage to register or for more information.


Does your research involve Human Subjects?

Proposed research that entails the use of human subjects, laboratory animals, radiological hazards, biohazards, or recombinant DNA must comply with University policies. If compliance committee approval is needed for a project, then such approval must be obtained before any grant is awarded.