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Faculty Research Grants

Professor David Popalisky received a Hackworth Grant to support his dance project about the wrongfully convicted, "Barred From Life."

Hackworth Grant Application

The application period for Spring 2018 Hackworth Grants is now open. All applications must be submitted no later than 9 a.m. on Tuesday May 29, 2018.

Faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff at Santa Clara University are invited to apply for grants to support research in applied ethics funded by an endowment from Michael and Joan Hackworth to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

Grants will be made to support research which results in the publication of an article, part of a book, or specific piece of teaching material such as a case, or which results in a new module or course in applied ethics. Projects must have substantial ethical content. Applications are encouraged from scholars in all fields.

Applications should make explicit the ethical aspect of the project. For example, within philosophy, a study may clarify key ethical values or theories at stake in an important ethical debate. Within sociology, a study may categorize assumptions about ethical values that are influential in understanding a particular social problem. Or, a teaching project may integrate ethical concepts into a course. If you have questions about clarifying the ethical aspect of a project, please contact Brian Green, director of technology ethics, at or 554-7890.

Applications should also, where relevant, include documentation of sources.

Grants will be made to support research assistance by students or others, purchase of materials or access to databases, travel expenses, or other legitimate expenses that make the research possible. Grants may also be requested for summer support that will free the faculty member from other obligations, though these may be considered a lower priority for funding.

Grants may not exceed $5000.

Grant recipients are asked to wait 12 months before applying for another Hackworth Grant.

An email request for applications will be sent out early in the Fall and Spring Quarters. Fall Quarter applications will be due in early December; Spring Quarter applications will be due in late May. Specific due dates for applications will be announced in the email requests for applications.

Grants awards will be made by the end of the Fall and Spring Quarters.

Grants will be considered by a committee of faculty affiliated with the Ethics Center.

Apply for a Hackworth Grant

Fall 2017 Grants Winners

Amy Lueck, Assistant Professor, English, and Maura Tarnoff, Lecturer, English
“The Ethics of Virtual Reality.”

Vikram Bhargava, Assistant Professor, Management
"The Role of Off-Duty Laudatory Conduct in Employment Decisions."

Rohit Chopra, Associate Professor, Communication
"Free Speech and Uncivil Discourse on Indian and American Political Twitter: Implications for Global Discourse Ethics."

Teresia Hinga, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
"Globalization, the Global Village, and the Moral Imperative of Bridge Making: Diagnosing (Asset Mapping) and Responding to the Paradox of Living in One Yet Palpably Divided World."

Hoje Jo, Professor, Finance
"Pray Local and Act Global: Religiosity and Human Rights."

Katia Moles, Lecturer, Sociology
"A Feminist Ethical Framework for Incorporating Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Catholic Institutions as Part of Comprehensive Sexuality Education."

Michelle Oberman, Professor, School of Law
"In Solomon’s Court: An Examination of the Nature and Function of Israel’s Abortion Committees."

David Pinault, Professor, Religious Studies
"Building Interfaith Solidarity to Counter Wildlife Trafficking and Environmental Depredation in Southeast Asia."