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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Student Project Showcase 2023

2023 Student Project Showcase
This special edition of our Ethics Spotlight highlights ethics fellowship and internship projects prepared by students during the 2022-23 academic year. Browse the projects below.
2022-23 Student Fellowship and Internship Projects
Business Ethics Internships at Intel
Navigate here to Business Ethics Internships at Intel

Sidrah Ahmed ’23 sees ethics in action during her Business Ethics Internship with Intel.

Business Ethics Internships at Cadence.
Navigate here to ESG and Compliance Intern at Cadence Design Systems

Antonio Amore Rojas ’23 has a passion for the environment, which led to a valuable opportunity at Cadence Design Systems where he worked on sustainability and DEI.

Trash in body of water with a cityscape in the background. Photo credit: Emiliano Arano/Pexels
Navigate here to The Responsibility of Corporations to Mitigate Water Pollution

Clare Carlson '23 addresses how improper dumping and waste disposal from corporations impacts the availability and quality of the water supply in the United States.

A man talking and looking at his phone. Photo Credit: Edward Jenner/Pexels
Navigate here to Medical Ethics

Harvey Chilcott ’23 discusses the effects of having AI 'Therapist' and the possible concerns that might come along this developing such an algorithm.

Three students working on a blackboard. Photo credit: fauxels/Pexels
Navigate here to Ethics in Education Policy for LGBTQ+ Youth

Grace Davis ’25 discusses ethics in education policy for LGBTQ+ youth, using the Framework for Ethical Decision Making to evaluate such policies. 

Close-up of a plant growing. Photo credits: Aiokr Chen/Unsplash
Navigate here to Is Climate Engineering Viable and Ethical?

Shivani Dharanipragada ’25 learned about technological innovations in geoengineering and explored their ethical and legal implications.

Two women looking at their laptops. Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels
Navigate here to The Ethics of YouTube: Should You Watch Pranksters and Mukbang?

Landis Fusato '23 explains how YouTube’s current business model does not encourage content creators to behave ethically, and YouTube itself does not seem terribly interested in changing this.

Business Ethics Internships at KLA
Navigate here to Ethisphere's Ethics Quotient Benchmark

Ana Gallagher ’23 contributed to KLA's commitment to ethical practices and compliance with legal regulations.


A person writing on papers. Photo credit: Scott Graham/Unsplash
Navigate here to Exploring Business Ethics Through Case Studies

Natalia Garcia '23 studied Business Ethics through the creation of case studies with the intent to benefit graduates as they transition from college to career.

This is a locator map for Yemen with its capital, Sanaa. (AP Photo)
Navigate here to What Does Justice Oriented Foreign Policy Look like for the United States' Relationship With Yemen?

Malia Gibbs ’24 talks about what does justice oriented foreign policy look like for the United States' relationship with Yemen, a nation facing a terrible humanitarian crisis.

Business Ethics Internships at Marvell
Navigate here to Internship at Marvell Technology

Quinn Gilman ’23 reflects on interning at Marvell Technologies and the importance of ethical companies.

Video game lootbox mock up. Sameboat_Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0.
Navigate here to Gambling in Gaming

Diego Gonzalez Terminel ’23 looks at ethics regarding gambling in gaming and the possible harms of games with loot boxes and pseudo-gambling.

Chat GPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue. Richard Drew_Associated Press
Navigate here to Guidelines for Using Generative AI

Sean Grame '24 considers the ethical impact of generative AI tools to SCU students.

Generated image of debris in space. Photo credit: WikiImages/Pixabay
Navigate here to Space Debris

Alec Hattan ’23 discusses the issue of space debris and the actions we should take to mitigate the impact of this problem.

A man holds a sign reading
Navigate here to An Ethical Study of the Impact of Water Insecurity on Identity in Indigenous Communities

Valerie Joco '23 writes about how decades of overuse and climate change have exacerbated droughts and water shortages around the world, and Indigenous groups are disproportionately feeling the resulting effects of water insecurity.

Three women carrying basins on their heads. Photo credit: Ninno JackJr/Unspash
Navigate here to Climate Change, Water Insecurity, and Gender Inequality in Uganda

Judith Li ’23 examines macro and micro solutions to problems faced in Uganda, such as training, resource diversification, and climate-resistant infrastructure.

A person sitting beside a building and looking into a street. Photo credit: Ev/Unsplash
Navigate here to The Human Right to Housing

Liam McBride ’24 studies the key to addressing our homelessness crisis and examines the issues through six ethical lenses.

Campus Ethics Team fellows hand out roses on SCU campus to raise mental health awareness.
Navigate here to Roses for Restoration

Callie O'Neill ’23 examines the intersection between mental health and ethics through flower therapy with SCU students.

“It’s not all about healing yourself; it’s just as importantly about letting yourself heal.” -Terri Guillemets
Navigate here to Building Communication Through Campus Ethics

Kailyn Pedersen ’23 believes people should build a community through conversation and start a ripple effect of kindness. 

Viral Twitter hashtag coined by April Reign following the 87th Academy Awards, photo courtesy of the LA Times.
Navigate here to Ethical Casting in a Racially Realized Hollywood: A Framework

Vicky Pham ’23 writes about the importance of having diverse representation in both cast and crew in media.

Empty garage with a highlighted walking path in front of an IKEA.
Navigate here to IKEA's Efforts to Fight Against Child Labor in Their Supply Chain

Yuvraj Rao ’23 explores IKEA's effort to fight against child labor in their supply chain and the importance of supply chain management and provide a framework for companies.

Two hands holding bars in a jail cell. Photo by sakhorn_Adobe Stock.
Navigate here to Racial Bias in Drug Policy

Ranee Sanford '23 looks at racial bias in drug policy by examining the disparate treatment of crack cocaine and the opioid epidemic in the federal criminal justice system. 

Chat GPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue. Richard Drew_Associated Press
Navigate here to Guidelines for Using Generative AI

As part of the Campus Ethics team, Nnenna Kerrie Uche ’23 studied the ethics behind the use of ChatGPT and created a guide for students.

The SPICE project will investigate the feasibility of one so-called geoengineering technique: the idea of simulating natural processes that release small particles into the stratosphere, which then reflect a few percent of incoming solar radiation, with the effect of cooling the Earth with relative speed. Hughhunt, CC BY-SA 3.0
Navigate here to The Ethics of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

Brad Zukeran '24 looks at technical and ethical questions that arise from exploring and using stratospheric aerosol injection.

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