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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Callie O'Neill

Callie O'Neill '23 examines the intersection between mental health and ethics with the use of flower therapy on the SCU campus. 

Callie O'Neill & Kailyn Pedersen Showcase Slide

Access the video Callie's Showcase presentation.

Additionally O'Neill studied and contributed to creating a set of guidelines for students using generative AI on campus. With the increasing use of ChatGPT, people have to consider the ethics behind using this powerful algorithm. Callie worked on the ChatGPT project together with Sean Grame ‘24, Kailyn Pedersen ’23, and Nnenna Kerrie Uche '23.



About Callie O'Neill

Callie O'Neill ’23 is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated with a double major in psychology and French, with a minor in retail studies. As a 2022-23 Hackworth Fellow, Callie explored her interest in feminist ethics, specifically how traditional ethics and gender stereotypes play a role in the relationships women have with one another. Growing up in a very different part of the country has allowed her to be able to find value in different perspectives. She hopes to spend more time in France, and then eventually become a sport psychologist for a professional hockey team. O'Neill enjoys spending time with family, yoga, being outdoors, reading, speaking French, and playing ice hockey.

Jun 14, 2023

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