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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Student Project Showcase 2022

2022 Project Showcase
This special edition of our Ethics Spotlight highlighting ethics fellowship and internship projects prepared by students during the 2021-22 academic year. Browse the projects below.
2021-22 Student Fellowship and Internship Projects
An Ethical Guide to Your Implicit Bias
Navigate here to An Ethical Guide to Your Implicit Bias

Mikayla Apodaca ’23, helps young leaders to embrace and combat implicit biases.

Statue of justice, blindfolded with sword and scales.
Navigate here to The Criminalization of Mental Illness: the Impact of Justice and Care Ethics

Emily Bachar ’22 looks at criminalization of mental illness in the United States as a pervasive and tragic problem that is both a symptom and a cause of broken criminal justice and health care systems.


A pencil drawing of a woman staring off in the distance.
Navigate here to Assessing Decision-Making Capacity for Female Patients with Autism

Anna Demopulos ’22 asks, "How are female patients with autism assessed by physicians for capacity in medical decision-making regarding sexual and reproductive healthcare?"

man deplaning from a private jet
Navigate here to ESG and Overconsumption

Ramon Duran ’22 examines the carbon output and impact made by billionaires.

Business Ethics Internships at Intel
Navigate here to Business Ethics Internship at Intel

Johana Engstrom ’22 shares her ethics and compliance learning as an intern at Intel.

Grace Evans's slide showing her guide to ethical reparations for leaders in education.
Navigate here to Ethical Reparations for Leaders in Education

Grace Evans ’22 inspires leaders in education to commit to reparatory justice with a short, easy to read, actionable, guide.

conversation bubbles.
Navigate here to Student Conflict and Conversation on Social Media About the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Keren Goor ’23 reminds us that "Social Media is fire, you can create something or you can burn something."

Business Ethics Internships at Adobe
Navigate here to Business Ethics Internship at Adobe

Natalie Haberstroh ’22 shares experiences as an ethics and compliance intern at Adobe.

human brain overlayed with computer motherboard
Navigate here to A Framework for the AI Alignment Problem

Betty Hou ’22 explores artificial intelligence as a technology designed to replicate, augment, or replace human intelligence.

Morayo Kamson’s slide talking about food security in the Bay Area.
Navigate here to Feeding Our Community: Food Security in the Bay Area

Morayo Kamson ’22 provides spatial analysis covering urban agriculture in the Bay Area.

The words
Navigate here to "Cancel Culture" and Complaint

Sydney Lenoch ’22 shifts the idea of cancel culture as a theoretical moral panic to an effective strategy for retribution and changed behavior.

A structure with solar panels in the city.
Navigate here to Top Ten Things Every Organization Should Ask About the "E" in "ESG"

Yvette Leung ’22 advocates for companies to target ‘materiality’ issues, go carbon neutral, and creating strong sustainability plans.

Business Ethics Internships at KLA
Navigate here to Business Ethics Internship at KLA

Gracean Linthacum ’22 interned as a business ethics intern with KLA focusing on ethics and compliance.

A hand holding a clear sphere with a leaf on it.
Navigate here to What Could ESG Become if it Considered What it Looked Like for the Earth to Belong to Everyone?

Brooke Rose ’22 takes a deeper look at the disconnect between business, people and planet.

Ethical Decision Making Guide: Emma Samuel
Navigate here to Helping Students on Campus with Ethical Decision Making

Emma Samuel ’22 helps students on-campus understand the process for making ethical decisions.

Jackson Stanich examines the prevalence of online cheating during COVID-19 pandemic at Santa Clara University
Navigate here to How did Online School Change the Norms of Cheating at SCU?

Jackson Stanich ’22 explores the prominence of online cheating by SCU students during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Business Ethics Internships at Adobe
Navigate here to Business Ethics Internship at Adobe Ethics and Compliance

Timothy Troglia ’22, a business ethics intern working in ethics and compliance at Adobe.

A broken glass sphere with a small tree contained within is surrounded by greenery and nature.
Navigate here to Evaluating the E in ESG

Sam Weiser ’22 highlights broader challenges associated with evaluating environmental behavior through ESG.


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