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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Using This Site

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics website offers thousands of pages of material in many fields of applied ethics.  If you are after a specific topic, the best and fastest way to find information is through our search feature at the top right on every page. 

We also provide categorized information in two ways:

  • By Focus Area—Each of our main focus areas offers navigation to articles, cases, and videos in that general subject area (e.g., technology ethics articles, business ethics cases, etc.) In some cases, where the Center has a wealth of material, these categories are broken down even further (e.g., end-of-life and culturally competent care materials linked to the bioethics articles page).
  • By Resources—Under the Ethics Resources tab, you will find links to all of our cases, articles, curricula, blog posts, and videos.

For permission to reprint our materials, submit requests to