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Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Ethics is crucial to every professional field, and the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics conducts programs in many disciplines.

We focus on ethics in business, health care and biotechnology, government, the Internet, journalismK-12 education, the social sector, and leadership.

We also offers substantial resources on environmental ethics, technology ethics, and religion and ethics.


All About Ethics Blog

  • Ayako Takahashi and Kazuki Matsuura

    The Election: Views From Japan

    Japanese students reflect on Donald Trump

    Ethical issues in the 2016 election through the eyes of students at Sophia University.

  • Empathy Gap

    The Silicon Valley Empathy Gap

    What to do about the "prosperity paradox"

    The Ethics Center's decision-making framework can help us build empathy.

  • hands with a cellphone

    "Young People" and Privacy

    The Retreat From Sharing

    Better understanding of the current internet environment makes young people wary, too.