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Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Ethics is crucial to every professional field, and the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics conducts programs in many disciplines.

We focus on ethics in business, health care and biotechnology, government, the Internet, journalismK-12 education, the social sector, and leadership.

We also offers substantial resources on environmental ethics, technology ethics, and religion and ethics.


All About Ethics Blog

  • abstract image for AI ethics

    Adding "E" to "AI"

    The expanding discussion of ethics and artificial intelligence

    A variety of new efforts expand the conversation around AI and ethics: how do we reach for eudaimonia in "the algorithmic age"?

  • Donald Trump

    The President-Elect Knows

    What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Ethics and Leadership

    Recognizing the fundamental difference between ethics and compliance.

  • Stories from USA Daily News 24, a fake news site registered in Veles, Macedonia. (AP Photo/Raphael Satter)​

    Improving Media Literacy

    Suggestions for media outlets and educators

    A young reporter shares her observations on effective ways of news consumption.