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Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Ethics is crucial to every professional field, and the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics conducts programs in many disciplines.

We focus on ethics in business, health care and biotechnology, government, the Internet, journalismK-12 education, the social sector, and leadership.

We also offers substantial resources on environmental ethics, technology ethics, and religion and ethics.


All About Ethics Blog

  • How do we teach ethics to future doctors?

    How do we Teach Ethics to Future Doctors?

    Observations from the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities conference

    New medical schools are taking new approaches to medical ethics education.

  • man about to be hit by wave of 0s and 1s

    "What Would Brandeis Say?"

    Decisions about free speech and privacy

    Would Brandeis have approved of the "right to be forgotten"?

  • Episode 1: What Are We Doing Here?

    The first episode of The Big Q Podcast!

    Miriam Schulman discusses why it's important to think about ethics and what makes a "good person."