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Character Education

Curricula and lesson plans are at the heart of the Ethics Center's efforts in middle and high school character education.

We also offer faith formation lessons for churches and Catholic schools.  In addition, we provide workshops and training for teachers and principals.  Our programs serve a range of students in many settings, including regular and alternative schools, parochial schools, and home schools.


Faith Formation

build.plant.grow. is a free faith formation program especially for use in schools and parishes as children break open the word each week.  Lesson plans pair scriptural readings with classic children's books to highlight the virtues in the stories.  Activities, a case study and a closing prayer complete the lesson.


Lesson Plans

The Center offers both free and subscription-based curricula for middle and high school students. Character Education lesson plans in English Language Arts are mapped to the Common Core State Standards. Science and Social Studies are mapped to the California State Standards.  


A daily e-newspaper with lesson plans that highlight the ethical issues behind the headlines and meets Common Core Standards in English Language Arts.

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2016-2017 Theme Summaries

Interested in looking ahead to the 2016-2017 school year? Click here to see quarterly book annotations for high school and middle school.

Responsibility Requires Action 

Change Requires Effort 

Leadership Requires Engagement 

Justice Requires Restraint 

Courage Requires Fortitude   

Integrity Requires Wholeness  


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