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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Ethics Curricula

With more than 25 years of experience in creating curricula, the Center offers a variety of lesson plans and course modules for middle, high school, and college students in addition to its online courses for students and professionals.

Lesson Plans

Character Education Lesson Plans 
Character education curricula integrate ethics into the language arts, world history, U.S. history, human science, and earth science.

Build. Plant. Grow. Faith Formation Curriculum 
Tied to the Catholic Lectionary, Build.Plant.Grow provides character education lessons for schools and parishes using readings from the Bible and children's literature.

Architects of Peace On-line Curriculum
Featuring the portraits of famed photographer Michael Collopy, this curriculum offers biographies of peacemakers, their reflections on peace, and lesson plans for teachers.

Online Courses/MOOCs

Online Courses in Character Education
This course, Raising Ethical Children and Teens, aims to promote understanding of the ethical issues that children and teens grapple with. It is appropriate for parents, counselors, tutors, and mentors, who need practical information about how to best promote ethical decision-making and behavior. The course focuses on the home environment as an important setting for building trust and support.

Online Courses in Business Ethics 
The Center offers two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in business ethics, including Business Ethics for the Real World, an introduction, and Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture, aimed at managers and executives.  We also offer Good Campaigning, a course for candidates for political office on running an ethical campaign.

Thinking Ethically About the Environment 
This short course helps students - from high school to adult learners - to recognize and use moral language to describe how they value the earth. 

Teaching Modules and Resources

Ethics in Technology Practice
A compendium of materials provides an overview that clarifies what we mean when we talk about “tech ethics”; relevant frameworks for ethical decision-making; seven concise case studies; an ethical toolkit for integrating consideration of ethics throughout product development; a sample workflow integration of the tools; a list of best practices in technology design and engineering; and more.

An Introduction to Cybersecurity Ethics
This ethics module for cybersecurity-related courses includes a reading, homework assignments, and case studies, all designed to spark a conversation about ethical issues that students will face in their role as cybersecurity professionals.

An Introduction to Data Ethics 
Designed to be incorporated in data science courses, this module includes a reading, homework assignments, and case studies to spark a conversation about ethical issues that students will face in their role as data practitioners.

An Introduction to Software Engineering Ethics 
Designed to be incorporated into software engineering/computer science classes, this module includes a reading, homework assignments, and case studies to spark a conversation about relevant ethical issues.

Your Privacy Online 
Your Privacy Online can be incorporated into a variety of university and high school level classes.

A Template for Technology Ethics Case Studies
This template provides the basics for writing ethics case studies in technology (though with some modification it could be used in other fields as well).

Teaching Module on the Papal Encyclical on the Environment 
A resource on "Laudato Si'" includes excerpts from the document and teaching notes.

Digital Journalism Ethics Resources for Newsrooms and Classrooms 
Videos and other material explore ethical issues in online reporting.

Religion, Ethics, and Politics in World Affairs 
Designed to be of use to diplomats, religious leaders, university faculty and students, and the general public, these materials explore the subject internationall, regionally, and by country.