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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Embedding Ethics into Computing Curricula: Resources and Suggestions


For faculty in computer science or computer engineering looking to integrate coverage of ethics into curricula and student-focused events, this page offers a variety of teaching resources. 

Background and details about this project.



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About Us

In 2019, Santa Clara University received a grant as one of the winners of the Mozilla Responsible Computer Science Challenge. The challenge aims to promote innovation and experimentation in the integration of ethics into undergraduate computer science and software engineering curricula.

Our Responsible Computer Science (RCS) project is a collaboration between computer science and software engineering faculty as well as staff members of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Overseeing the implementation is a cross-disciplinary steering committee; its current members are Shiva Houshmand (CS), Ahmed Amer (CE), Irina Raicu (MCAE), Brian Green (MCAE), and Subramaniam Vincent (MCAE). Past members include Sukanya Manna (CS), Shannon Vallor (Philosophy), and Keith Yocam (Education). Then-Hackworth Fellow and undergraduate computer science student Tiana Nguyen also played a key role in the effort.