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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Beyond the Classroom


As part of the RCS project, we have sought to embed ethics into computing-related activities outside the classroom, too—in contexts where students collaborate with their peers and are not focusing on a grade. We held a number of student events (co-sponsored by the ACM campus chapter) in which participants were invited to work together in small groups to analyze and case with the help of the Framework for Ethical Decision Making--followed by a communal discussion guided by MCAE staff members. We also introduced an explicit ethical analysis component into one of SCU’s annual hackathons. The following resources aim to help faculty members interested in experimenting with similar activities.

How to Plan and Hold Student Community Events, Subbu Vincent (video)

Reaching Out Across Departments and Institutions, Irina Raicu (video)

Highlighting Ethical Analysis as Part of a Hackathon