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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

How do people and organizations inspire trust?

They make choices based on justifiable standards. They take others into account in their decisions. And then they do what they say they will do.

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics engages individuals and organizations to make choices that respect and care for others.  In our focus areas—bioethics, business ethics, campus ethics, character education, government ethics, Internet ethics, journalism ethics, leadership ethics, and social sector ethics—we work with scholars and professionals to apply ethical ideas to the very real problems people encounter. We examine the obstacles to ethical action in many areas of our lives and develop tools to help people perform at their best.


All About Ethics Blog

  • Empathy Gap

    The Silicon Valley Empathy Gap

    What to do about the "prosperity paradox"

    The Ethics Center's decision-making framework can help us build empathy.

  • hands with a cellphone

    "Young People" and Privacy

    The Retreat From Sharing

    Better understanding of the current internet environment makes young people wary, too.

  • Professor Nguyen Nam and David DeCosse

    How Do Ethical Ideas Cross Cultures?

    Translating the Japanese ethical text "Chugaku Rinrisho"

    Campus Ethics Director reflects on a visit with Professor Nguyen Nam of Vietnam National University

    Media Commentary by Center Staff

      A Video Introduction to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

      Highlights of the Ethics Center's programs, mission, and accomplishments, in a special video commissioned for the Center's 30th Anniversary.

      Sanctuary Cities and Campuses

      In this Emerging Issues podcast, Deep Gulasekaram, associate professor of law at Santa Clara University, discusses the topic of sanctuary cities and sanctuary campuses.

      Center News

      SCU Team Places Third at Regionals

      SCU placed third at Ethics Bowl Regionals, gaining a place at the national tournament in Dallas, Texas on February 26th.

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