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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

How do people and organizations inspire trust?

They make choices based on justifiable standards. They take others into account in their decisions. And then they do what they say they will do.

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics helps people make the kind of choices that inspire trust.  In our focus areas - bioethics, business ethics, campus ethics, character education, government ethics, Internet ethics, leadership ethics, and nonprofit ethics - we work with scholars and professionals to apply ethical ideas to the very real problems people encounter. We examine the obstacles to ethical action in many areas of our lives and develop tools to help people perform at their best.


All About Ethics Blog

  • Smart cookie sticker

    How SCU Students Helped Clear Some Cookies

    Ambassadors of Privacy, on Data Privacy Day

    For Data Privacy Day 2016, we decided to distribute offline cookies in order to raise awareness of online ones. We hoped to find out whether most folks on campus (students, staff, visitors) would know what Internet cookies are and understand why some of those cookies might need clearing (repeatedly). We also hoped to spread some awareness among those who didn’t already know about cookies.

  • Privacy Now

    Data Privacy: Harms and Defenses

    January 28 Is "Data Privacy Day"

    A brief list of harms that can result from unbridled data collection and use online, followed by a brief list of things you might do to protect yourself.

  • Cemetery

    Composting Corpses

    A New Ecological Approach to Death

    The Big Q and SCU's Ethics Bowl Team discuss a new ecological approach to death.


Center News

The Geschkes with Kirk Hanson

Global Jesuit Ethics Outreach Initiative Launches

Professor Young Park from Sogang University in Seoul, Korea has been named Global Jesuit Network Visiting Scholar at the Ethics Center, thanks to a generous gift from Chuck and Nan Geschke.

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red white and blue hands

New Campaign Ethics MOOC Launches

Ethics Center Director of Government Ethics Hana Callaghan teaches a new online course (MOOC) on campaign ethics.

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Other Center News