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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Consulting Services

An Industry Leader in Ethics Consultation


For more than 35 years, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics has helped individuals and organizations make better decisions. While this often takes the form of providing resources on our website that are available for anyone to use, the Center has established a fee-for-service option for companies and other organizations that want a customized approach to building training programs, case studies, and other materials.

In working with organizations, our goal isn’t to provide boilerplate answers to challenges. Instead, we work with organizations, insuring they have the proper tools and training to make ethical decisions. The Markkula Center can serve as a resource to help you reflect, analyze, and build a stronger culture of ethics and responsible decision making. 

Engagements with the Center can take place through training sessions in person or online, the creation of case studies, and more individualized approaches to different situations. Each company presents a new and unique angle from which the Center’s team can provide ethical commentary and guidance. The Center also personalizes the teams working on each project, with its technology, medical, leadership and business and other ethics experts working with companies in their respective sectors. As an ethics center at a university, the Center has access to experts across a wide variety of disciplines and sectors.

Consulting services are an essential component of the Center’s offerings, and they allow the Center to assist people and companies in unique and personalized ways, increasing our impact in the communities we serve.


Our work

Examples of our work with organizations from start-ups to legacy companies with 100,000+ employees:

  • Work with the C-suite to conduct a self-assessment of the culture of ethics in the organization.
  • Interview employees and other stakeholders regarding their level of understanding of culture, policies, and support.
  • Help build plans, processes, training, resources to help leaders and employees make decision through technology disruptions.
  • Contribute to development of assessment tools to measure organizational efforts in ethics.
  • Assist in recruiting and building ethics committees/boards to help with design and development of technology.
  • Assist with reviewing or developing governance documents and processes.


What our partners say 

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“Markkula has helped us design and implement leadership training designed to help our leaders identify, debate and mitigate ethical tech dilemmas. The training, based on the Markkula Center’s decision-making framework, prepares our leaders to embed ethical tech decision making behaviors in their teams, creating the environment and the behaviors to support well considered, method-driven decisions about technology disruptors and their potential unintended impacts. Markkula also provided analysis for dozens of use cases used in live, online, and on-demand training, to help firm employees better understand where and how ethical dilemmas might arise. ~Manager, Technology Strategy, international consulting firm

“The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics has been an indispensable asset to us in our efforts to connect with industry thought leaders, identify ethical issues related to our approach to our products and services and design an ethics council for the long-term. The Center has been not only incredibly trustworthy but also reliable and responsive as we continue to develop our council, providing guidance on how to be responsible and thoughtful in our approach. We have appreciated all of their insightful feedback to-date and look forward to continuing our work with the Markkula Center well into the future.” ~SVP, Product & Marketing, start-up technology


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One Column

“We have been thrilled with our engagement with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Each step of the Culture Self-Assessment has been collaborative and produced valuable insights. Our team has leaned into the process, and I am confident the end result will be increased alignment and focus. As we continue to grow, the strategic work we’re doing with MCAE will enrich the employee experience and lead to greater value created for our audience and shareholders.” ~Head of People, Digital Publishing company

“We partnered with SCU’s Markkula Center to prototype and run a series of internal workshops to help our staff – of all functions and levels – practice identifying discussing the broader ethical and societal implications of technology products. Working with SCU and Markkula staff and faculty throughout the process was a joy, and feedback from our staff about the workshops was very positive. Our work with Markkula helped to empower our staff to constructively challenge each other intellectually, and to be more mindful about the broader impact of exploring or testing new ideas.” ~Manager, moonshot company

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Thor Wasbotten

Thor Wasbotten

Contact Thor Wasbotten, Managing Director, to discuss an engagement:

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics does not advocate for any product, company, or organization. Our engagements are intended to provide training, customized materials, and other resources. The Markkula Center does not offer certifications or seals of approval.