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Business Ethics

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is a catalyst for dialogue on the best way to create an ethical organizational culture within Silicon Valley businesses and around the globe.

We offer a wealth of resources in business ethics. Our programs focus on businesses in the Silicon Valley, whose practices are a bellwether for the performance of worldwide companies especially in the technology sector, but also more broadly. We believe that it is especially important to impact business leaders, as tone at the top influences the entire ethical culture of an organization. We work with senior management teams, corporate boards, ethics and compliance officers, human resource and leadership development professionals.

Center News

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    Ethics Intern at Adobe

    Adobe joins Cisco and Intel as internship sites.

    The Center's Business Ethics Internship program grows to three host sites. Interns work in ethics & compliance roles at Silicon Valley companies, and complete an ethics curriculum with Center staff.

    Criminal Justice and the Catholic Conscience

    Leo E. Strine Jr., chief justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, reflects on how his exposure to Christian, and specifically Catholic, teaching, morals, and ethics influences his view of his judicial and public policy role in addressing the difficult subject of criminal justice.

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        Ethics in the News

        • Free Warriors Tickets

          East Bay Politicians Get Free Warriors Tickets

          Is it ethical for public servants to use city-owned VIP basketball tickets for themselves?

        • A Conflict of Interest?

          A Conflict of Interest?

          Is there a conflict of interest when public officials like North Carolina treasurer Janet Cowell accept roles working in the private sector?

        • Research Ethics and Offshore Drilling

          Research Ethics and Offshore Drilling

          Executive Director Kirk Hanson comments on the desire by public officials for impartial research, specifically as it pertains to the possibility of offshore drilling proposals.