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Hackworth Fellowships Project Showcase 2021

Hackworth Fellowships Project Showcase
This special edition of our Ethics Spotlight highlights ethics projects prepared by the 2020-21 Hackworth Fellows. Browse the projects below.

2020-21 Hackworth Fellowship Projects

Computer monitor with lines of programming code
Navigate here to Data Privacy

Ariana Cepulis ’22, summarizes her research on data privacy regulations and students’ experiences with data privacy violations.

Person checking social media on their laptop
Navigate here to Misinformation and Social Media

Courtney Davis ’21 delves into not only how misinformation spreads on social media sites but also how to hold those companies responsible.

Close up of a small, white AI robot
Navigate here to Ethics and AI

Julian Dreiman ’21 surveyed students about their feelings on data privacy and researched the use of robots to care for the elderly.

Group of students lined up in a classroom all looking at their phones
Navigate here to How They See Us: Expanding Media Literacy for a New Cohort of Digital Natives

Lily Evans ’21 considers how the journalistic contributions from digital natives align with established ethical standards, and also, whether those standards should be challenged.

Two hands holding a yellow flower
Navigate here to Ethics of Hope

Abby Fafinski ’22 talks about the power and meaning behind hope after such a difficult year.

Journal and pen
Navigate here to Telling Your Story

Fernanda Gaete ’22 emphasizes the importance of introspection and storytelling through her four-part mentorship guide.

barbwire fence in front of a building
Navigate here to Compassionate Release

Alexandra George ’21 discusses the human dignity violation associated with dying in prison and encourages amending prison policy to allow for compassionate release.

Group of students at a social gathering
Navigate here to New Normal?

Zachary Heffron ’22 summarizes why college students reacted differently socially to COVID-19 than other age demographics, continuing to see friends because they were not concerned about getting infected given their good health and youthful resilience.

Students sit in circle on a grass lawn
Navigate here to Difficult Dialogues

Julia Jenak ’21 took steps to increase ethics-related conversations on campus and evaluate the meaning behind having these difficult dialogues.

Cars speeding down a city road
Navigate here to Smart Cities

Vas Kumar ’21 describes smart cities and the potential concerns, such as power dynamics, data privacy, and predictive policing.

Healthcare worker looking at their mobile device
Navigate here to Disparities in Health Care for Black Communities

Amana Liddell ’22 researched disparities in health care for Black people and created resources to better inform communities.


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