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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Hackworth Fellowships

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics invites applications from Santa Clara University seniors for the Hackworth Fellowships in Applied Ethics.

The goal of the program is to have fellows promote ethical reflection and reflective ethical action among their undergraduate peers.

In order to pursue this goal, fellows are expected either to develop their own programs in an area of interest to them or to work with existing programs at the center. These programs can be on as wide a range of topics and use as wide a range of methods as are of interest to each fellow.  

The fellowships are for the duration of senior year and have a stipend of $4,000. Fellowship selections for the next school year are made by the end of the Spring Quarter.  

The Hackworth Fellowships are supported by a gift from Joan and the late Michael Hackworth.

During the course of the Fellowship, Fellows are expected to spend 5 hours a week on Fellowship activities. Fellows are also expected, when possible, to participate in Ethics Center events. Some preparatory work may be required of Fellows during the summer before senior year.

Fellows are expected to be on campus at SCU for the fall, winter, and spring quarters of their fellowship year.

Download and complete the Hackworth Fellowship Application. Students should provide along with the application a one-page statement of areas of interest and/or ideas for projects that might be pursued during their year as a Hackworth Fellow.

One letter of recommendation is required from a faculty member.

Students must also submit a transcript. Transfer students need to provide a transcript from their previous college or university as well as their SCU transcript.

The Fellowship is open to students from all majors. However, a demonstrated interest in ethics is a significant factor in favor of an applicant.

A fellow might pursue a program for the year that involves organizing regular meetings of students to discuss topics in fields like technology and ethics or medical ethics or business ethics. Or a student might pursue a program for the year that involves working within the Residential Learning Communities on various topics of ethical concern. Or a student might already be involved in an activity group at SCU and as a Fellow might pursue a program involving more sustained reflection on the ethical values at issue in the activity group's focus. Similarly, Fellows might pursue projects using a wide range of methods including blogs, debating, writing, Webcasts, photography, video, film, etc.

2018-19 Hackworth Fellows

Madeline Eiken 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Madeline Eiken, Bioengineering, from Littleton, Colo; Madeline will be working on bioethics issues primarily with Margaret McLean, Director of Bioethics at the Ethics Center

"I'm from Littleton, CO, and I'm a Bioengineering major and Chemistry minor. At SCU, I'm a Research Assistant in the Chemistry department, and I'm involved in Engineers Without Borders and SCCAP.  I look forward to investigating ethical issues in biotechnology this year.”

Jyotsna Gopinath 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Jyotsna Gopinath, Bioengineering, from Fremont, Calif; Jo will be working on bioethics and environmental ethics issues primarily with David DeCosse, Campus Ethics Director, and Brian Green, Director of Technology Ethics at the Ethics Center

"I am a Bioengineering major and Chemistry minor from Fremont CA. I plan to pursue a PhD in the field of Fiber Science and Textile Engineering to merge my passion for sustainable fashion design with my academic interest in STEM. In addition to designing and sewing, I enjoy working out, traveling, and spending time with my loved ones. The following Dr. Seuss quotation has been my favorite since I was ten years old."

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Jeff Kampfe 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Jeffrey Kampfe, Philosophy and Economics, from Manhattan, Mont.; Jeff will be working on Internet privacy issues with Irina Raicu, Director of Internet Ethics at the Ethics Center

"I am an Economics and Philosophy double major originally from Bozeman, Montana. I love to do anything outside. Some of my favorite activities include (but are not limited to) skiing, fly fishing, hiking, and sailing. Throughout my career I want to use ethics and human centered design principles to build business that are more principled, humane, and profitable." 

Grace Ling 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Grace Ling, Bioengineering, from San Jose, Calif.,; Grace will be working with David DeCosse and Brian Green on a videogame about gender bias in STEM

"I'm a Bioengineering major and Computer Science and Engineering minor from San Jose, CA. After graduation, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science with an emphasis on Human-Computer Interaction and Interactive Media. My goal is to create games that people enjoy while making a social impact. Other than game design and development, I love to draw, make food art, blog, and run."

Perla Luna 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Perla Luna, English and Sociology, from Mountain View, Calif.; Perla will be working on character education with Yael Kidron, Director of Character Education at the Ethics Center

"I'm an English and Sociology major from Mountain View, CA passionate about K-12 education. This year, I look forward to being the Editor-in-Chief of The Santa Clara, and a mentor for the LEAD Scholars program. My hobbies include running, listening to podcasts, and overanalyzing TV shows."

Eoin Lyons 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Eoin Lyons, Finance and Political Science, of San Francisco; Eoin will be working with David DeCosse on a review of the campus ethics program and on student government ethics 

"I am a finance and political science double major from San Francisco, CA. Around campus, I am a member of the Student Ambassador program, Associated Student Government, and the LEAD Scholars Program. I hope to attend law school in the near future, and my hobbies include learning about international law, listening to podcasts, and reading."

Hope McGowan 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Hope McGowan, Economics, of Truckee, Calif.; Hope will be working on issues of nonprofit ethics with Joan Harrington, Director of Social Sector Ethics at the Ethics Center

"I am majoring in Economics with a minor in Public Health Sciences. I am from Truckee, CA. I would like to find a career that uses both economics and public health, potentially in consulting, hospital administration, or academia. I am on the Women's Rowing team here at SCU, but I also enjoy skiing, hiking, reading, and cooking. I also love dogs and spending time with my friends and family."

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost." -J. R. R. Tolkien

Isabella Rios 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Isabella Rios, Political Science and Spanish, of Pasadena, Calif.; Bella will be working on journalism ethics with David DeCosse

"I'm from Pasadena, CA, the home of the Rose Parade. I major in Political Science and Spanish. I'm a reporter for The Santa Clara and an Immersion Student Coordinator for the Ignatian Center. As a Global Social Benefit Fellow, I am passionate about social entrepreneurship as a sustainable way to eradicate economic and social injustices. I plan to take a gap year before attending graduate school. I enjoy reading, listening to NPR podcasts, working out, and spending time with loved ones when I'm not studying. I look forward to working on journalism ethics because accurate, ethical reporting is essential for our democracy."

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” -Alice Walker

Beau Scott 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow 

Beau Scott, Political Science and Philosophy, of Vallejo, Calif.; Beau will be working on government ethics with Hana Callaghan, Director of Government Ethics at the Ethics Center

"As a naturalized Californian, Beau lived in 5 different states before settling in the East Bay. He is a Political Science and Philosophy double major who has an extreme passion to work for the representation of underserved communities through public policy. Beau was recently selected as a 2018-2019 Hackworth Fellow to study the implications of tech expansion on housing policy in the Silicon Valley. In the Summer of 2018, he completed graduate-level coursework at the Goldman School for Public Policy as a Public Policy & International Affairs Law Fellow. He has also held leadership positions as a part of several multicultural organizations, including MEChA-El Frente de SCU, Sigma Lambda Beta and the LEAD Scholars Program for first-gen college students."

Download the Hackworth Fellowship Application

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