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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Episode 1: What Are We Doing Here?

Palm Drive at Santa Clara University

Palm Drive at Santa Clara University

The first episode of The Big Q Podcast!

Miranda Bartosz

Last week we had a taster, but this week is the full meal! It's the first episode of The Big Q Podcast and it's aptly titled, "What Are We Doing Here?" (in more ways than one).

What am I– Miranda Bartosz– doing hosting a podcast? What is the point of the podcast at all? And what are we doing here, with our lives, on this earth? (Hint: the answer is basically just trying not to be an awful person) 

This episode goes over some pretty basic concepts and frameworks for ethical thinking, which are important to at least vaguely know as we move forward with the podcast. My guest for this week, Miriam Schulman– the COO for the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics– and I also talk about why it's important to think about ethics at all, as well what makes a good person (if that's something that can be defined).

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Miranda Bartosz is a Hackworth Fellow for 2016/2017

Oct 6, 2016