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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Programs for Students

Programs for Students

Whether you're considering the fairness of capital punishment or your roommate's right to hang a poster you disagree with, as a student at Santa Clara University, you're going to be thinking about ethics.

Every undergraduate takes at least one course in ethics. At the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, we also offer a rich program of events on ethics in almost any field you can think of, and we engage students in peer-led dialogue about ethics in everyday life.

Center fellowships and internships allow students to pursue interests in almost any area of ethics, including business, the environment, engineering, and health care.

Co-curricular Activities

Environmental Ethics Fellowships 
Fellows explore the ethics of sustainability on campus.

Government Ethics Fellowship 
Fellows work on projects at the intersection of policy and ethics.

Hackworth Fellowships
Students create programs for their peers on ethical issues.

Honzel Fellowship in Health Care Ethics 
The fellow serves as a peer mentor to students in the Health Care Ethics Internship and develops an ethics project with particular relevance to students and alumni.

Business Ethics Internships 
Interns are placed in ethics and compliance divisions of Silicon Valley companies.

Health Care Ethics Internships 
Interns shadow doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in hospitals and hospices.

Marketing and Communication Internships
Interns are engaged in all aspects of Ethics Center communication and digital marketing channels.

Ethics Bowl
A debate group on ethical issues, the Ethics Bowl team competes regionally and nationally.

Hackworth Grants
Hackworth grants are available to students doing research on ethics and may include money for travel, supplies, and fees.

The Big Q
SCU students engage their classmates in a dialogue about ethical issues in the everyday lives of college students.

The Center offers a rich menu of talks, workshops, and presentations that students are encouraged to attend. 

Ethics Prizes
Graduating seniors are honored for excellence in ethics research or practice.

Student Government Ethics
Developed by a member of SCU's student government, these resources include case studies and sample codes of ethics.

The Big Q Blog