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Programs for Students

Lauren Ellis and Christine Cate are student workers for the Ethics Center.

SCU undergraduate and graduate students work in the Center's many program areas.

Whether you're considering the fairness of capital punishment or your roommate's right to hang a poster you disagree with, as a student at Santa Clara University, you're going to be thinking about ethics.

Every undergraduate takes at least one course in ethics. At the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, we also offer a rich program of events on ethics in almost any field you can think of, and we engage students in peer-led dialogue about ethics in everyday life.

Co-curricular Activities
Center fellowships and internships allow you to pursue your interests in almost any area of ethics, including business, the environment, engineering, and health care.

Ethics Research
Hackworth grants are available to students doing research on ethics and may include money for travel, supplies, and fees.

Ethics Conversation
Our Big Q project sparks dialogue on ethical issues in the everyday lives of college students, both online and on-campus.

Core Curriculum
SCU's ethics requirement includes classes in all schools and disciplines.

Ethics Pathway
Follow a four-course sequence of classes to deepen your knowledge of ethics, especially in your chosen field.


The Big Q Blog

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    Is it ethical to take certain academic performance-enhancing drugs?

    The Big Q Videos

    Away from her family and friends and feeling isolated, a Korean international student at an American school celebrates her 20th birthday alone.