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Environmental Ethics Fellowship

The Fellowship in Environmental Ethics is awarded to outstanding Santa Clara University undergraduates to support a project that examines the ethical implications of an environmental topic. The fellowship is supported by a gift from John and Joan Casey.

2017-18 Environmental Ethics Fellows

Andrea Filler

Andrea Filler is a senior from Mesa, Arizona majoring in bioengineering and minoring in sustainability. Through her internship at the Center for Sustainability she has developed a passion for learning about and communicating the impact of environmental issues on campus and beyond. In her spare time she enjoys studying DNA replication in the biology lab and competing on the women's' ultimate frisbee team. Following graduation, she hopes to pursue a career that combines the design of biomedical devices with the use of sustainable materials and implementation.


Nick Redfield

Nick Redfield is a senior political science major from Burlingame, California. He hopes to eventually pursuit a career in Environmental Law so he can continue to be an advocate for environmental justice. At SCU, he was also a Global Fellow and traveled to Kumasi, Ghana to work for the Bright Generation Community Foundation. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and playing the bass guitar.



Vanessa Shin

Vanessa Shin is a junior from Hawaii studying biology and environmental science with a minor in Japanese studies. Her interest in videography originally stemmed from crafting home music videos with her younger sister—a hobby she still looks forward to pursuing every school break. Vanessa hopes to leverage her privilege to amplify the voices and stories of marginalized communities most vulnerable to climate change.



Projects by Previous Environmental Ethics Fellows

Perspectives on Laudato Si
Thoughts from Santa Clara University Students

A Guide to the Ethics of Climate Neutrality
Ethical resources for institutions of higher learning

Addressing the Problem of Air Travel Emissions
What universities can do to cut greenhouse gas emissions from travel

The Ethics of Carbon Offsets
Reevaluating SCU's path to Carbon Neutrality

SCU Air Travel Emits Millions of Pounds of Pollution
Analysis of the environmental impact of air travel

How much Greenhouse Gas Does SCU Emit Due to Waste?
Waste water and solid waste emissions create greenhouse gasses

Environmental Ethics and Agriculture
Ethical issues raised by the cultivation of crops, especially regarding water and pesticide use.

The Ethics of Sustainability: Why Should We Care?
Personal reflection on the importance of environmental ethics

Standing Together in the Sun: Working with Communities to Develop an Equitable Solar Future
Working with communities to develop an equitable solar future

Material Evaluation Sheets
Evaluation of the environmental and ethical impact of various building materials

Solar Decathlon Ethics
Ethical analysis of the categories used in judging the Solar Decathlon

The Sun and the City: Making Solar Power More Accessible
An exploration of how to improve access to solar power by low-income communities

Carbon Footprint Calculator
A user-friendly device for college students to measure their impact on the environment

The Culture of Sustainability: A Study in Environmental Ethics
Research project on how Santa Clara University students understand, define, and express environmental values

Sustainability Reflections on a Smart Imperative
Ethical challenges facing SCU's first Solar Decathlon team

The Commons on Kennedy Mall: A Case Study in Green Building
A case study of Santa Clara University's Kennedy Mall

Oct 24, 2017