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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Environmental Ethics Fellowship

The Fellowship in Environmental Ethics is awarded to outstanding Santa Clara University undergraduates to support a project that examines the ethical implications of an environmental topic. The fellowship is supported by a gift from John and Joan Casey.

The 2018-19 Environmental Ethics Fellows' project is on ethics and wildfires. The Fellows are researching the many complexities associated with wildfires and how they affect humans and the environment, and based on those findings plan to engage the SCU campus community in a conversation on these issues, as well as produce resources to extend ethical thinking about wildfires beyond campus.


2018-19 Environmental Ethics Fellows

Liz Rickley is a senior from Reading, Massachusetts majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in French. Both her experiences at SCU and her internships have fostered a strong interest in conservation and sustainability. After graduating, she hopes to pursue further
education on marine environment conservation. She also enjoys hiking, spending time on the coast, and visiting her family.


Efren Oxlaj is a senior majoring in Environmental Science and Economics from San Rafael, California. At SCU, he has developed a strong interest in research and a passion for learning about environmental issues. His recent work with the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship
took him to Uganda, where he conducted a social impact assessment and learned about the environmental effects of the coffee industry. He aspires to a career working with communities to advance sustainable solutions. He also enjoys jogging and hiking.


Sam Packard is a senior from Seattle, Washington majoring in economics and minoring in history and philosophy. Growing up in a sustainability-focused household, Sam has always been interested in the intersection of sustainability, business, and law. After graduating, he
hopes to pursue a position involving the development of sustainable solutions.  He enjoys hiking, skiing, reading, and playing guitar.





Oct 24, 2018
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