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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Campus Ethics

At the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics we welcome SCU students, faculty, and staff into conversation about the critical issues of our time, and we support the personal and academic exploration of ethics.

We are dedicated to helping everyone in the campus community address the choices that shape their personal character and lead to lives of value. Research grants, fellowships, internships, and events highlight our offerings, which include peer-led programs for students and a community of scholars for faculty and staff.

Programs for Students

SCU students engage their classmates in exploring ethical issues on campus and in the larger world.  Fellowships, internships, and research grants are program highlights.

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Programs for Faculty and Staff

More than 80 affiliated scholars work with the Ethics Center on events and projects. Grants are available for research and teaching in applied ethics.

Learn About Ethics Programs for SCU Faculty and Staff

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Guidelines for the Ethical Use of Generative AI (i.e. ChatGPT) on Campus

ChatGPT has changed the way that the average person uses the internet.

The Campus Ethics team, a group of Hackworth Fellows from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, study this dilemma, providing a guide for students to help them use ChatGPT ethically. 

Access Guidelines for the Ethical Use of Generative AI

The Big Q

In this podcast students inquire about programs on campus that support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Podcast explores notification to students about student resources at Santa Clara University.

The Big Q: When will Santa Clara University's Recreational Sports Program Reopen?  A discussion with Janice DeMonsi, director of recreation.

In this podcast students inquire about the return of Recreational Sports to campus.

Exploring SCU's COVID-19 Response A Discussion With Craig Stevens, PhD, Sanfilippo Professor, Biology Department and Public Health Program

In this Podcast students explore the COVID-19 response at Santa Clara University.

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Articles on ethics covering many fields/disciplines, including diversity, internet ethics, sports ethics, and other topics.

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Case studies pertaining to ethical issues in various fields.

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Curricula include lesson plans and course modules for middle, high school, and college students, as well as online courses, webinars, and curricula resources.

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Free Speech and Civil Discourse

For the 2017-18 academic year, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics focused on the theme of freedom of speech and civil discourse. We explored the theme through public events, the work of a team of undergraduate fellows, and the provision of educational materials about key, contested ethical issues related to the theme.

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