Markkula Center for Applied Ethics - Better Choices


Center Executive Director Kirk Hanson (left) with seed funders Linda and A.C. "Mike" Markkula Jr. (center) and former directors Dennis Moberg, Tom Shanks, and Manny Velasquez.

The Ethics Center's staff of 20 includes ethics scholars and practitioners in many fields.

Among our staff are Ph.D. ethicists, lawyers, businesspeople, school principals, religious leaders, scientists, and journalists.

We are guided by an Advisory Board of leaders in the Silicon Valley. The board is comprised of representatives of major valley companies, law firms, and nonprofit organizations. We also have a Faculty Steering Committee that helps develop Center policy.

The Center's home at a Jesuit institution that requires ethics courses for all undergraduates gives us access to a faculty with expertise in ethics in many disciplines. More than 50 of those faculty members serve as Center Scholars who assist us in a variety of projects.