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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Subramaniam Vincent


Director, Journalism and Media Ethics

Subramaniam (Subbu) Vincent is director for the Journalism and Media Ethics program.  Subbu's focus is on developing tools and frameworks to help advance new norms in journalism practice, ethical news product design and new vocabulary and signals to help the public process and demand ethical media. During 2017-18, Subbu was Tech Lead for The Trust Project at the Markkula Center. Prior to working for the Center, he was a 2016 John S Knight fellow at Stanford University. In his media career, he was publisher and editor-in-chief for two news magazines in Bangalore, India. Prior to that, he was a software engineer in Silicon Valley. READ FULL BIO

Recent Publications

Our Opinion: Recommendations for Publishing Opinion Journalism on Digital Platforms”, NewsQ technical recommendations paper co-authored with Patricia Lopez, Opinions Editor, Minneapolis Star Tribune. (Inputs from David Agraz, Leona Allen Ford, Jon Allsop, Rochelle Riley, and Rebecca Traister.)

"Understanding the Demand-side of Misinformation and Analyzing Solutions", chapter in "Fake News: Real Issues in Modern Communication", book published by Peter Lang in 2020. Editors: Susan Drucker, Russell Chun. 

"Ethics-Driven Product Management for News, contribution with Don Heider" in "Product Management in Journalism and Academia" forum series published in Journalism and Mass Communications Quarterly, June 2020. 

Articles by Subbu Vincent