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Internet Ethics

The Internet permeates our lives. We use it to access a vast storehouse of knowledge or to turn on our porch lights. It has given us new communications platforms and new ability to collect, store, and analyze information.

In the process, the Internet has raised a host of ethical dilemmas around privacy, the use of big data, the digital divide, the right to be forgotten, and many other topics. Athe the Ethics Center, we apply a framework of tested ethical approaches to issues arising from innovation.  From our work with technology leaders, engineers, educators, and students on these issues, we have generated a set of articles, cases, and videos that offer practical approaches to Internet ethics.


Views from Silicon Valley Blog

  • Shannon Vallor

    Virtue Ethics on the Cusp of Virtual Reality

    Shannon Vallor on technology and the virtues

    What sort of people will deal well with the challenges posed by emerging technology? What qualities will they need in order to flourish?

  • For Sale sign

    Do We "Own" Our Personal Data?

    Is personal data a commodity?

    Is it appropriate to think of personal data as a commodity?


    Internet Ethics in the News

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