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Find information on Internet ethics, including privacy, databases and data mining, cybersecurity, the Internet of things, and the right to be forgotten. (For permission to reprint articles, submit requests to

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  • Attention Must Be Paid

    Metaverse and Reality in Silicon Valley

    Are we using too much of our "attentional commons" on the metaverse?

  • Making Vulnerabilities Visible

    A Cybersecurity Ethics Case Study

    As PunkSpider is pending re-release, ethical issues are considered about a tool that is able to spot and share vulnerabilities on the web, opening those results to the public.

  • Social Media in Afghanistan

    Tools of Power and Peril

    Social media and other internet tools for collaboration and activism have made the Taliban’s opponents in Afghanistan both powerful and deeply vulnerable.

  • A New Report on Ethical AI, An Older Post about AI Ethics Traps, and Some Hopes

    A Pew Research Center report sparks new conversations about AI ethics.

  • New Resources for Teaching Responsible Computing

    The Mozilla “Teaching Responsible Computing Playbook,” New Case Studies, and More

    Feedback and additional contributions welcome!

  • URVR

    A VR Ethics Case Study

    With URVR recipients can capture and share 360 3D moments and live them out together.

  • VR Rage Room

    A VR Ethics Case Study

    VR rage rooms may provide therapeutic and inexpensive benefits while also raising ethical questions.

  • First Date

    A VR Ethics Case Study

    A VR dating app intended to help ease the stress and awkwardness of early dating in a safe and comfortable way.

  • This is Only a Test

    An Ethics Case Study

    Ethical questions pertaining to the use of proctoring software in online teaching.

  • On Cyber-Insecurity and the Common Good

    Developing Norms, Prioritizing Responses

    The cost of cyber-insecurity is already too high.