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Find information on Internet ethics, including privacy, databases and data mining, cybersecurity, the Internet of things, and the right to be forgotten. (For permission to reprint articles, submit requests to

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  • An Ethics Case Study

    When 'algorithm alchemy' wrongly accuses people of fraud, who is accountable?

  • While some tech tools might indeed be helpful, they should be considered in conjunction with, not as replacement for, regulations that address the role of guns.

  • Poetry in Motion

    From the non-existent WhimsiCo Robotics: the Rumi-Ba! A guest blog post by professor Ahmed Amer

  • Media coverage might be more informative if it ignored some tweets.

    The media coverage of Musk’s tweets is disproportionate and counterproductive.

  • An AI Ethics Case Study

    Ethical questions about data collection, data-sharing, access, use, and privacy.

  • Constrained Choices and Compliance

    Sometimes, it’s the user who’s been trained by the algorithm—not the other way around.

  • The link between misinformation and violence needs to be addressed by legacy media, new media platforms, civil society, and regulatory bodies.

    Three streams of misinformation and abuse targeted at a recent academic conference exemplify a widespread phenomenon.

  • Metaverse and Reality in Silicon Valley

    Are we using too much of our "attentional commons" on the metaverse?

  • A Cybersecurity Ethics Case Study

    As PunkSpider is pending re-release, ethical issues are considered about a tool that is able to spot and share vulnerabilities on the web, opening those results to the public.

  • Tools of Power and Peril

    Social media and other internet tools for collaboration and activism have made the Taliban’s opponents in Afghanistan both powerful and deeply vulnerable.