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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Internet Ethics Cases

Find ethics case studies on topics in Internet ethics including privacy, hacking, social media, the right to be forgotten, and hashtag activism. (For permission to reprint articles, submit requests to

  • A Tech Ethics Case Study

    Ethical questions arise in interactions among students, instructors, administrators, and providers of AI tools.

  • An Ethics Case Study

    What can we learn from the Tay experience, about AI and social media ethics more broadly?

  • An Ethics Case Study

    Who should be consulted before using emotion-recognition AI to report on constituents’ sentiments?

  • An Ethics Case Study

    When 'algorithm alchemy' wrongly accuses people of fraud, who is accountable?

  • A VR Ethics Case Study

    Which stakeholders might benefit from a new age of VR “travel”? Which stakeholders might be harmed?

  • An AI Ethics Case Study

    Ethical questions about data collection, data-sharing, access, use, and privacy.

  • A Cybersecurity Ethics Case Study

    As PunkSpider is pending re-release, ethical issues are considered about a tool that is able to spot and share vulnerabilities on the web, opening those results to the public.

  • A VR Ethics Case Study

    With URVR recipients can capture and share 360 3D moments and live them out together.

  • A VR Ethics Case Study

    VR rage rooms may provide therapeutic and inexpensive benefits while also raising ethical questions.

  • A VR Ethics Case Study

    A VR dating app intended to help ease the stress and awkwardness of early dating in a safe and comfortable way.

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