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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Internet Ethics Resources

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers articles, case studies, curriculum materials, and videos on Internet ethics, with a particular focus on privacy.

What is Internet Ethics?
What do we talk about when we talk about Internet ethics?

Internet Ethics Articles
Applying ethical principles to encryption, video games, apps, the Internet of things, and other topics, the articles offered here examine many facets of Internet ethics. Technologists, engineers, students, businesspeople, and the general public will find resources for teasing out the ethical ramifications of information technology.

Internet Ethics Cases
Should terms of service agreements force consumers to accept provisions that are disadvantageous to their privacy and their pocketbooks? Should an app be able to collect information on users without their knowledge and consent? Must companies admit when they've been hacked? These and many other scenarios are available as case studies.

Internet Ethics Curricula
Resources for college instructors include modules on privacy and software engineering ethics.

Internet Ethics: Views From Silicon Valley
This blog addresses topics such as big data ethics, online privacy, the Internet of Things, Net neutrality, the right to be forgotten, cyberbullying, digital journalism, and more.

Internet Ethics Videos
Silicon Valley pioneers and business leaders offer personal perspectives on key issues in Internet Ethics, including the digital divide, balancing privacy and security, social media, and other topics.

Ethical Decision Making App
This practical tool helps users think through tough choices.

Internet Ethics Twitter
Follow @IEthics for regular commentary of Internet ethics in the news.

Internet Ethics Stories