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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

More Focus Areas

Student Reading on Santa Clara University Campus

In addition to its primary focus areas, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers articles, cases and other learning materials in the following subjects:

Environmental Ethics

Reflecting the University's strategic focus on sustainability, the Ethics Center sponsors many programs and develops online resources in Environmental Ethics.  In 2015, we participated in the University's international conference on climate change.  Our undergraduate Environmental Ethics Fellows have developed a set of resources on the ethical aspects of sustainability on the SCU campus. We also offer a short course in environmental ethics, a teaching module on the papal encyclical on the environment, and other materials.

Engineering Ethics

Resources include engineering ethics cases and a teaching module on software engineering ethics.

Immigration Ethics

Immigration ethics refers broadly to the normative issues that arise from the movement of individuals across borders. Explore resources to answer critical ethical questions about citizenship, migration, borders, ICE, and other related topics.

Space Ethics

Articles and resources exploring how humanity proceeds to explore space and issues such as human health, environmental concerns, safety and risk, governance and decision-making, and opportunities and challenges of multidisciplinary and international contexts.

Sports Ethics

Articles on a variety of ethical issues in youth, college, and professional sports, including cheating, steroids, and whether or not sports can build character.

Global Ethics

Articles on cross-cultural ethics, immigration, and other international topics.

Legal Ethics

Articles on ethical issues in the criminal justice and legal systems, including jury impartiality, capital punishment, child custody, and equal justice under law.

Character Education

Curricula and lesson plans are at the heart of the Ethics Center's efforts in elementary, middle, and high school character education.