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Media Mentions

A selection of articles, op-eds, TV segments, and other media featuring Center staff.


Google CEO: Our AI Won’t be Used for Harm

“[The] company [Google] acknowledges that some AI developed for one purpose may in fact be re-purposed in unintended ways, even by the military,” Raicu said. "This is the reality faced by any developers of what are usually called dual-use technologies. A related question, then, is what is the ongoing responsibility of a technology’s developer once its products are released into the world.”

Director of Internet Ethics Irina Raicu quoted in The Mercury News

The Trust Project by Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University

Next Steps for Promoting Organic News Fluency

The Trust Project is designed to help news organizations provide “truthful, verified news and information in a context that gives them meaning.” Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Sally Lehrman, director.

Senior Director of Journalism Ethics Sally Lehrman and The Trust Project mentioned in an article in American Press Institute

Smart Investors Will Use This ‘Power Tool’ for Their Stock-Buying Decisions

Many decisions made in the name of dated, corporate law and shareholder primacy will continue to be cast as business decisions instead of ethical ones. But ethics is in vogue. Whether you ascribe the rise to market forces, Adam Smith’s roving, redistributing hand, or a new leadership and personal-branding trend, being ethical is the new power tool for people in both the corner office and the boardroom.

Senior Director of Leadership Ethics Ann Skeet published in MarketWatch

Compliance Could Be Perfect if It Didn't Involve People

Organizations such as NYU’s Ethical Systems and the Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics provide a wealth of insight, tools and research to help companies access and use the latest thinking to enhance their internal ethics and compliance approaches.

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics mentioned in an article for The FCPA Blog

How to Stand Up for Ethics

Employees are most effective when they begin with an open stance and enquire about what they are seeing under the presumption that there may very well be a reasonable explanation for what appears to be misconduct, suggests Ann Skeet, director of Leadership Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.

Director of Leadership Ethics Ann Skeet quoted in City A.M. 

The Trust Project by Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University

What Can Brand Publishers Learn from the Trust Project?

Her [Sally's] project, based at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, has been working with more than 75 news organizations around the world—including the Economist, the Globe and Mail, Mic, the Washington Post, the BBC, and the Daily Mailto come up with ways to help people distinguish between quality journalism and promotional content or misinformation.

Excerpted from an article about Brand Publishing in The Content Standard by Skyword. 

School Takeover Group’s Payment to Ex-lawmaker Raises Ethics Questions

Regardless of North Carolina law, Callaghan says the ethics of the Bryan case make for a 'tough call'. "On the one hand, we want good people to run for office, which means we don’t want to penalize them when they leave public service,” she said. “They need to be able to enter the private sector again. But on the other hand, we don’t want them to benefit financially from their public service because that creates improper incentives."

Director of Government Ethics Hana Callaghan quoted in an article in NC Policy Watch. 

Photo Credit- AP Images (Photographer: Wilfredo Lee)

Did Elaine Chao’s DOT Interviews Help Her Family’s Business?

"What troubles me about [Secretary Chao’s actions] is perhaps it may appear that a person in her situation is using her office and her position in order to publicize her father’s book, or this book about her family. That’s not a public purpose."

Director of Government Ethics Hana Callaghan quoted in an article in Politico.

Third Executive Leaves Silicon Valley Community Foundation in As Many Weeks

"Somebody forgot about the employees as stakeholders. It looks like they’ve lost their moral compass. This to me is an internal organizational failure, but it can be rectified.  It depends on the board, which is ultimately responsible."

Assistant Director of Social Sector Ethics Joan Harrington from an article in KQED. 



Brian Green- Director of Technology Ethics for Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University

Ethical Considerations About the Future of Food

No matter what advances we do make, Green said that the responsibility to make the right decisions is on everyone individually. The consequences of our technological mistakes will be severe because of the extreme importance of food to humans and society. 

“If we are what we eat, then if we mess up our food system, we mess up ourselves,” Green said. 

From an article in Iowa State Daily covering Technology Ethics Director Brian Green's lecture at Iowa State University.