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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Media Mentions

A selection of articles, op-eds, TV segments, and other media featuring Center staff.


Pope Francis

Pope Francis, Newman and the Canonization of Conscience

"Few theological themes of Pope Francis have evoked as much opposition as his emphasis on conscience."

"The canonization of Cardinal John Henry Newman, a great defender of conscience, provides an opportunity to consider anew the theological depths of Francis' turn to this neglected Catholic tradition."

David DeCosse, director of Campus Ethics, featured on National Catholic Reporter.

Strine Calls For Sweeping Corporate Overhaul As Term Wanes

"But Chief Justice Strine brought it right back to the gig economy worker and asked them to consider what their view on the new platform-based sharing apps had done to the predictability of working conditions and hours," Skeet said.

"'Do you think,' I recall him asking them, 'that the Uber driver wants to get up during the Super Bowl to take rides because that is when he can make money? Or do you think he might have also enjoyed sitting in his living room and watching the game?'"

Ann Skeet, senior director of Leadership Ethics, quoted in Law360.

Nancy Pelosi (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu).

CBS News Poll Shows 55% of Americans Approve of Trump Impeachment Inquiry

“The call for impeachment is not cause for joy but sober somber reflection. The congress has a constitutionally mandated duty to investigate credible allegations of wrongdoing.”

Hana Callaghan, director of Government Ethics, quoted on CBS News.

Immigration detention camp (AP Images/Andres Leighton).

Stanford, Cal, Other College Students: We Won’t Work for Palantir Over ICE Contracts

"It’s not clear how (companies will) respond to pressure from potential future employees. Palantir in particular has doubled down on its claims that working with the U.S. government is the ethical, patriotic thing to do."

Irina Raicu, director of Internet Ethics, quoted in The Mercury News (AP Images/Andres Leighton).

Dogs in a park (AP Images/Heather Ainsworth).

Dog Poop DNA Tracking Introduces Spy Tech to Our Backyards

"There is no purely neutral technology. Somebody devised that technology with something in mind, and it can be used in very different ways than initially intended."

Irina Raicu, Director of Internet Ethics, quoted in One Zero (AP Images/Heather Ainsworth).

Vote Pins

Can Running an Ethical Campaign Help You Win?

“One of the things that we have discovered in our research is that studies have shown that given the choice, voters want to vote for the candidate that takes the high road,” said Hana Callaghan, director of Government Ethics. “Voters are starting to figure it out. They’re starting to figure out that how a candidate campaigns is a good indicator of how they’ll govern.”

Hana Callaghan, director of Government Ethics, quoted in Campaigns and Elections.

Chanel Miller

Brock Turner Sex Assault Survivor 'Emily Doe' Publicly Reveals Her Identity for First Time

"She's provided leadership already, even without identifying herself. But when people come forward and put their name to an issue, they are exercising personal leadership," said Ann Skeet, senior director of Leadership Ethics at the Markula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. "She's saying she's willing to be identified with this part of her history. And has an interest in telling it from her point of view."

Ann Skeet, senior director of Leadership Ethics, quoted on KTVU (Photo Credit - Mariah Tiffany/ Audere Media).

Partnership on AI Calls for Softer Immigration Rules to Enhance Collaboration

“It is tremendously important to have international scholars be able to meet in person to discuss issues in technology ethics, especially in AI, which is transforming the world so rapidly,” said Brian Green, director of Technology Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. “Visas have supported these meetings.”

Brian Green, director of Technology Ethics, quoted in Silicon Angle.

The Future of Microchip Implants in Humans

"Brian Green, director of technology ethics at Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, has expressed concerns over the ethics of microchip implants. While microchips aren't new technology with pets, Green states that in a world where retailers, credit card companies, and employers require mandatory implants, the country can become a 'surveillance state.'

"Green also predicts that should the surveillance state nightmare come to fruition, individuals who decline microchip implants risk being marginalized and walled off from modern conveniences. He adds that individuals should always have the right to opt-out of implants without fear of persecution."

Brian Patrick Green, director of Technology Ethics, in Thomas.

Little-known Kansas Company Lands in Victoria after Hurricane Harvey

“Was this a long-standing relationship separate from their business relationship? Was the county employee in any sort of decision-making position?”

Hana Callaghan, Director of the Government Ethics, quoted in Victoria Advocate (AP Photo/LM Otero).