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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Ethics Videos

Visit our YouTube channel for videos on ethics in business, technology, government, and other fields.

Viewed more than 425,000 times, our interviews with experts cover subjects from corporate governance to the right to be forgotten.  We also feature videos on ethical issues for undergraduates created by the students themselves.

A Conversation Between "Enemies" in the Abortion War

The abortion war, with its focus on rights, has polarized our nation for over fifty years. It’s time for a new kind of conversation.

Free Speech and Civil Discourse Concepts

The 2017-2018 Hackworth Fellows discuss free speech and civil discourse.

Why Should Students Participate in the Health Care Ethics Internship?

Briana Britton, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Health Care Ethics Intern (2012-13), reflects on her experience in light of Santa Clara University's commitment to developing students' sense of "Conscience, Competence, and Compassion."