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Internet Ethics: Views From Silicon Valley

Commentary by Internet Ethics Program Director Irina Raicu and colleagues

  • BroncoHack 2017 Sets New Participation Record

    SCU's OMIS student network organizes annual hackathon.

  • The Double-Edged Character of Digital Resources

    Preview of an upcoming talk

    New research reveals the ways in which informational inequality is created--and sometimes overcome.

  • Stripping Away a Layer of Online Privacy Protection

    What are the really unfair practices?

    President Trump and Republican legislators have eliminated what would have been a layer of privacy protection for internet users.

  • In Support of Untargeted Ads

    A Provocation

    Do we lose something when we stop seeing misdirected ads that aren’t really relevant to our shopping needs?

  • A Look at Mass Global Surveillance and Human Rights

    Danny O’Brien’s recent talk at Santa Clara University

    The International Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) spoke recently at Santa Clara University, as part of the Social Justice and Technology Speaker Series.

  • Santa Clara Team Places Fourth in the Ethics Bowl

    The first California-based team to have made it to the semifinals of the national intercollegiate competition

    A team of Santa Clara University students competed in the semifinals of the national intercollegiate ethics bowl organized every year by the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics.

  • From “Context Collapse” to Content Collapse

    Is it time to separate the news from the Newsfeed?

    Maybe it’s time to separate the “news” from the Newsfeed again: they deserve different kinds of attention.

  • Targeting a Broken Heart

    An Ethics Case Study

    Is it ethical for a social media company to analyze users’ posts for signs of break-ups, and then use this research to help target ads?

  • On Politics and Unfriending

    An Ethics Case Study

    Do we have an ethical duty to unfriend—or not to unfriend—people with whose political posts we disagree?

  • The Future--and Past--of Privacy

    Parts of history have been, and will always be, encrypted.

    Although we want to understand (and learn from) the past, we don't owe history our secrets.


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