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All About Ethics

Analysis and commentary on applied ethics in many fields by the staff of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics


  • A Universal Internet

    Access to infrastructure should be equal and open for all.

  • When It's Not a Good Day to Be a Bronco

    Handling depression in college

    Pressure from academics, extracurriculars, and family situations can contribute to depression for students.

  • Alcohol and Ethics

    SCU undergrads speak out

    Students discuss responsible partying and the drinking age

  • The Rooney Rule and Why it Matters

    Dan Rooney's leadership on diversity in hiring

    Influence of Steelers chairman reached beyond sports

  • The Practice of Ethical Leadership

    A model for exploring an ethical leadership practice

    Six ways leaders reinforce ethical practices in their organizations

  • The Double-Edged Character of Digital Resources

    Preview of an upcoming talk

    New research reveals the ways in which informational inequality is created--and sometimes overcome.

  • Addressing Scarce Resources in Health Care

    Preschoolers evaluate an ethical dilemma

    We need to think about the ethics of health care for everyone.

  • Trusting a Trust

    What does the duty to avoid conflicts of interest demand?

    Trump’s illusory trust doesn’t solve ethics problems.

  • Stripping Away a Layer of Online Privacy Protection

    What are the really unfair practices?

    President Trump and Republican legislators have eliminated what would have been a layer of privacy protection for internet users.

  • Lies and Damn Lies

    The use of speech or symbol to represent as true what one knows to be false

    The dangers of political untruths.


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