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Subramaniam Vincent Honored With Distinguished Service to Journalism Award

Subramanium (Subbu) Vincent, director of journalism and media ethics

Subramanium (Subbu) Vincent, director of journalism and media ethics

When it comes to addressing journalistic issues of integrity and ethics, very few can be considered more knowledgeable than Subramaniam “Subbu” Vincent, director of journalism and media ethics at the Ethics Center. From his recent work on the news distribution ethics roundtable to his creation of multiple frameworks and tools for journalists and industry leaders, Vincent has helped the Ethics Center become a leader in the fields of journalism and media ethics. 

Vincent was recently honored by the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California chapter (SPJ NORCAL) with their 2022 Excellence in Journalism Awards. Vincent was awarded the Distinguished Service to Journalism award. The award celebrates his impact on the field of journalism and his involvement in discussions surrounding issues in media ethics that are increasingly relevant in our day-to-day lives. As SPJ NORCAL said in their statement, “[Vincent] is an influencer to the influencers whose tireless, data-based work scientifically addresses daunting but critical issues.”

Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists

The connection between service and journalism has been a constant focus for Vincent, who has been a consistent voice for moral and ethical journalism throughout his career. Don Heider, executive director of the Ethics Center, elaborated: “Subbu is dedicated to helping journalists do a better job covering underrepresented communities. He combines his journalism and engineering skills to devise novel approaches to endemic problems.”

The Ethics Center congratulates Subbu Vincent on this award that exemplifies his career of contributions to the world of ethical and moral journalism and media usage. 


Nov 30, 2022


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