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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Programs for Faculty and Staff

Santa Clara University faculty and staff can draw on the Center's resources to support their research and teaching on applied ethics, to provide co-curricular activities for their students, and to engage with a community of scholars with an interest in ethics.

Programs for Faculty and Staff

Professor David Popalisky
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Hackworth research grants are available for faculty and staff doing research or creating teaching materials on applied ethics in any discipline.

Law Professor Margaret Russell and Deputy District Attorney Chris Boscia discuss the Trayvon Martin case.
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More than 80 members of the SCU faculty are affiliated with the Ethics Center and assist with events, research, content for Ethics Center publications and other projects.

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Faculty are encouraged to incorporate Center events into their syllabi, enriching their curricula with presentations by scholars and practitioners in many fields.

Ethics Commentary

Generative Artificial Intelligence including text, computer generated images.

Throughout history, new technologies have disrupted society in different ways–some positively and some negatively–from steam-powered engines and electricity, to the Internet, and now again with artificial intelligence (AI); generative AI in particular in this instance. The creation of art, journalism, education, and the very truth itself have all been tested by the use of ChatGPT and other generative AIs. Markkula Center staff and scholars unpack some of the many related ethical dilemmas in this Ethics Spotlight.

The U.S. Flag and Constitution, semi-automatic guns, a shooter with AR-15, and a human hand held in the air to block or stop the action.

The gun debate has again reached a fever pitch in the shadow of several horrific mass shootings. Ethics Center staff and faculty interrogate the moral and ethical issues associated with gun use and regulation.

Laura Sanchez, right, holds her 2-month-old son, Lizandro, while receiving a dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from a registered nurse, Noleen Nobleza at a vaccine clinic set up in the parking lot of CalOptima in Orange, Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021 that more than 80% of the people eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine in CA

While vaccines provide protection for individuals and communities against severe disease and death, this fight is far from over as we see infection rates climb, especially among children who cannot be vaccinated. Ethics Center staff and scholars analyze the critical questions in this Ethics Spotlight.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

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Articles on ethics covering many fields/disciplines, including diversity, internet ethics, sports ethics, and other topics.

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Case studies pertaining to ethical issues in various fields.

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Curricula include lesson plans and course modules for middle, high school, and college students, as well as online courses, webinars, and curricula resources.