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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Honzel Fellowship in Health Care Ethics

The Honzel Fellowship in Health Care Ethics is awarded to an outstanding (rising) senior in the, with a passion for ethics as it relates to health care. The Fellow serves as a peer mentor to students in the Health Care Ethics Internship and develops an ethics project with particular relevance to students and alumni.

Shelby Jennett, 2023-24 Honzel Fellow

Shelby Jennett Honzel Fellow
Shelby Jennett is a senior pursuing a neuroscience major and a philosophy minor. She has been driven by a passion for bioethics since high school, where she developed an interest in the ethics of reproductive technologies. Her commitment to this field led her to participate in the Health Care Ethics internship as a junior. As an intern, Shelby cultivated a fascination with topics such as women's reproductive rights, informed consent, and organ donation. Her culminating project in the program was a blog article that explored the ethical dimensions of minors obtaining abortions. This year, Shelby's fellowship project will be centered around advancing the discourse on reproductive health and ethical decision-making.

One of the most valuable things Shelby has learned from the Healthcare Ethics Internship is the importance of keeping an open mind. She states, "the internship encouraged me to reevaluate how I perceive medicine and challenged my beliefs. Listening to guest speakers' personal experiences has opened my eyes to how complex providing ethical care is to patients. Having the opportunity to shadow a physician has allowed me to witness the direct impact of ethical care on patients' lives. I learned that ethics serves as a guiding framework that encourages thoughtful consideration while prioritizing the well-being of the patient." In the future, Shelby aspires to be a physician and use what she has learned from the internship to contribute to a more equitable healthcare system.

Beyond her role as the Honzel Fellow, Shelby is deeply involved in research. She has the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Erick Ramirez on ethics in virtual reality, exploring themes of identity, embodiment, and the evolving landscape of sexual harassment. Additionally, she is an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Tillman's organic chemistry lab. Shelby's dedication to mentoring extends beyond this fellowship, as she is also a neuroscience peer advisor, a Health Professions Peer advisor, and a TA in the organic chemistry labs.

In her leisure time, Shelby enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking, playing the piano, and keeping active with her love for running. As the Honzel Fellow, Shelby strives to nurture and guide this year's interns, instilling the same enthusiasm and appreciation for bioethics that has driven her journey.